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Picks disease - Carers UK Forum

Picks disease

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi there
Does anyone out there have someone with picks disease( bv Frontal temporal dementia) .I would like to know how they cope caring for that person. How they feel, and any help in the form of suggestions they could offer. Thanks everyone .
Hello Corinne,

Sorry but my Mum had Alzheimer's so can't offer any useful suggestions specifically for Picks Disease. However you might find some relevant information on the Alzheimer's website (although they are called The Alzheimer's Society, they cover ALL forms of dementia).

http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scrip ... tAodZXwAvg
Hi there susieq
Thanks for that I will have a look x
Hi Corinne
My wife has picks disease she was diagnosed 5 years ago. I have been caring for her 24/7 ever since. She can do nothing for herself, and has difficulty in swallowing, she cannot get
up from the chair or get out of bed without help. She no longer speaks and it is almost impossible to know what she wants, she is also double incontinent. I take her to day care twice a week and at the moment she is in a nursing home for 1 week respite. There are many times when I feel we can,t go on anymore but we do. I am struggling with guilt at the moment as I am thinking of permanent care. If I can be of help to you with any advice let
me know.
Ray, welcome to our forum. Although I have no personal knowledge of dementia and related illnesses, we have others here who have.
I'm so sorry you're feeling guilty and I'm sure you just how common that is among carers-or maybe not. But we are all only human, and no matter how much we love those that we care for, if we do too much we can break. You are considering permanent care and for what it's worth, I think you're making a wise decision by not excluding it from your thoughts.

You can be open on here and nobody will judge you, please let us support you during this hard time.
Welcome to the forum Ray. I am sure tomorrow there will be other members along that can share their own experiences with you about this. In the meantime take a look at the information on this link below
http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... rsing-care

Carers UK helpline is also available should you wish to talk to someone


Like Ladybird said we are here for you and will try help as best we can.

x x
Corinne - I am sorry that I am unable to offer any suggestions but I m sure other members will be able to offer you some suggestions.

Roy ....warm welcome to the forum from me too!

Bell x
Welcome, Ray. I think all of us feel guilt whether we care for our loved ones at home or care for them while they live in a care home. Wherever your wife lives, you will not stop being a carer. It could be argued that you would have more time and energy to care for her if paid carewokers were also supporting her. Many people on this Forum have sadly gone through exactly what you are going through now.

I care for my mum with mixed dementia so a different story. However, I do acknowledge that there may come a time when her needs will be too great for me to cope with. That doesn't mean I will stop caring (quite the contrary) but I may need help in order to carry on.

Whatever you decide to do, or if you just feel like a chat, there will always be someone on the Forum to support you.
My mum has physical disabilities. After a prolonged stay in hospital, residential nursing care be ame the only option. She has a team of carers avsilable, dsy or night. Her home iss only a mileaway, on the way to the shops for me. This is a resl bonus, I can pop in whenever I want. If you are worrird about finances, have you heard of NHS Continuing Heslthcare? Carers UK helpline will be able to talk to you about various options.