Palliative care now

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Dad has stopped eating and drinking now all but a few sips and has been spitting out medication for a few days. Dr has been and put him on end of life palliative care only now.
(((HUGS))) Henrietta. Thinking of you.
Sending you more ((((hugs)))) Henrietta,


Sorry to hear this Henrietta.
More hugs from me too.
We are here for you Henrietta

Very sorry.
Try to make his last few days the best they can be for both of you.

I hope you like love and hugs because we're all sending you plenty.

More hugs Henrietta. You are definitely in my thoughts. (((())))
Sorry to read it, Henrietta. A very strange time. I'm thinking of you.
Love and hugs...