Frustrating care visit - rant needed

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Just needed to rant this evening. It's really hard with Dad being unpredictable in his needs, his compliance, his moods, his abilities etc . I need care in place to help cope with some of the more challenging times but sometimes it is more trouble than it is worth.
I have half an hour tea visit today as I was getting the dinner. First had to stop to let the carer in, then update her on what a bad day Dad has had. The arrangement is with the evening visits that the carer helps me with whatever for half an hour. I asked her to get Dad on the commode which she did and then proceeded to stand there-presumeably waiting for him to finish- it could take 30 minutes so I had to tell her to get her gloves off and get on with something useful- cutlery out , cups out, make gravy, fruit and cream in bowls, empty dish washer. She managed the fruit but forgot the cream, No sign of cutlery and only one cup- no sign of milk.
No bib on dad, bed not made when he got up ( first chance to do it all day). Half hearted attempt at emptying dish washer- wandering about with single plate in hand and asking where to put it. I have clearly labelled cupboards with yellow stickies on with black marker pen in capitals! Same procedure with the bowls- I explained they were in the cupboard in front of her labelled "bowls", . She then returned to Dad to get him off the commode and announced she had to leave it all as she had run over her time (by 1 minute) . Book written up- announcing that Dad was ok on arrival (not) and didn't record the fact she had put on a patch that I asked her to do of a controlled medication, so I had to add a note to the journal saying I had found an empty one in the bin assumed the carer had applied it at my request. . For this service I am paying out £15.00 and can feel my blood pressure rising and the need for some meditation. :angry:
(((Henrietta)))) sounds like the care worker was hard work and had no initiative whatsoever. Not what you need at all. Will you request not to have that one again?

£15 for half an hour?!

Oh dear Henrietta :(
Are they all like that or just this one? She sounds the sort who needs constant supervision and shouldn't be allowed on her own. I assume she goes to other clients who don't have a wonderful daughter in charge. I wonder how those poor people are cared for by her. I'd put a complaint in , just in case her ineptitude is harming someone else.

Now, what have you earned yourself? A little glass of something or chocolate? ;)
((( HUGS))) Henrietta.
Thanks all- a large glass of wine awaits.

I shan't be complaining - to be fare, she wasn't that hopeless and did get dad on the commode and put his convene on. I think I'm just difficult to please today after being "on duty" at midnight and 3.00 AM , followed by a morning care visit when Dad wouldn't permit the carer to do a thing - not her fault, although some carers are better at handling Dad than others when he is being difficult.
£15.00- no a bit under £14.50 for half an hour but £18 at the weekend for half an hour.
Oh Henrietta do not know what to say. But i can imagine how frustrating it is to have to constantly watch the care worker and supervise. It is a shame you cannot have some continuity.

I hope you enjoyed your large glass of wine.I do admire your compassion and sense of humour. Hugs too.