Online free course

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Futurelearn are running another of their free, easy to access on line courses to help family and friends cope with dementia
begins 6 th Novmember
Needs about 6 hours in total spread over 3-5 weeks, you pick when you do it (or you can do it quicker, you choose as you go along)

this one is designed by University of Newcastle ... re_courses

I've done other Futurelearn courses and learned a lot. Has anyone tried these Dementia courses?
Sounds good - probably not eligible given husband not been diagnosed but for anyone who has a relative that has worth a go?
You dont have to be eligible, just interested. Theres no checks and its all free.
Sounds worth a go Mrs A - dementia seems to be increasing as we all live longer. Will check it out.