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oh boy she hates me

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Hi Tim,

Did they say when MH nurse would call?

Hope you both get some sleep tonight.

Some time tonight and will probably want to come see her after one of the nurses found a key in her sleeve.

Edit: On call GP didnt want to give a sedative in case she falls.
Tim, how are things now?
Things are ok at the moment. MH nurse rang at 4am from outside the house but didn't want to disturb as she was settled.

MH nurse rang again at midday and is positive it is an underlying infection.

As I type she is on about the missing dog with tears.
Hi Tim,

as the MH nurse thinks it's an infection, are more tests being run? Is she going to be put on antibiotics?

It's tough on the both of you.

Elderly MH are to attend this afternoon. She hasn't realised who let the dog go yet so I'm hiding in the garden.
Tim, I have been known to make myself scarce in the garden too! Right now I'm hiding away from the sun in the house though, it's roasting hot and sticky with it. Building up to some awful weather, but I've been taking some more cuttings this morning, the forecast for rain, rain and more rain in the next week should ensure they don't dry out. I do hope mum settles down again, she is so lucky to have a devoted son like you, able to care for her. It's a dreadful complaint, just try to think it's the illness talking, not mum, when she is so horrible.
MH team were here 5 mins and have asked on call GP to issue antibiotics. He has rang and said expect someone in 6 hours.
Gosh, you've had a lot of medics visit this weekend. Let's hope they've finally got to the bottom of it and once the antibiotics kick in, your Mum becomes less confused. Will you be able to get them this evening?

I hope so because this abuse is affecting my mental health and she wont eat, thinks I am trying to poison her. Doc hasn't turned up yet.
190 posts