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oh boy she hates me

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Anne, she was adament I gave the dog away to a man she couldnt describe who lived in a filthy house with other dogs and it killed her to think what they might be doing to our lovely dog even though she couldnt describe the dog either. She kept asking me what kind of dog it was. I just said Im not sure in case this was a trick.

Today she said to our real dog I am glad your back it must have been awful in that house up the road, and I was no longer the traitor or devil for giving him away. This was after a short sleep. Im not holding my breath as this may resurface if she realises our german shepherd hasnt got a friend then I will have to get creative again and see how the wind blows.

At first it was where is the other dog I said what dog. Then it built up to she saw me let a group of people in (I didnt) and how could I let them take the other dog. The story did change quite a bit, today I am a hero for getting the dog back - err he never left. So I am just going with the flow at the minute.
And we are back to square one, I am expected to go and get the dog and I am like a piece of dirt for letting the dog go. She said earlier it was a dream but now she's realised I gave the dog away. Such vitriol is pouring out of her :(
She's becoming violent now the doc isn't in til Monday who can I call?
Hi Tim
You can still get a Dr even though it is now Friday evening. If it is seriously urgent then call 999, if not call 111 and they will ask hundreds of questions and eventually offer to get an out of hours GP out to see her probably within the next 12 hours.
Yes, if you are worried that she is going to either hurt you, or hurt herself, then ring 999.
She is no better I have called social services the gp, 111 and 111 sent a st johns ambulance who have checked her vital signs and told me a gp will ring. GP rang and is sending a nurse to check her water in 4 hours. GP who I first rang never turned up. My main problem is her wandering off.
I am glad she will be seen soon.
I wonder if she has a urine infection, Tim. get the nurse to check that. mum could get very nasty when that was the case.

Has the nurse been yet?
Tested for UTI all clear, took blood for sodium level cuz she not eaten today. The nurses have had a calming effect and given me the number for the mental health Crisis team. Nurse ringing back with blood results.
Bloods are clear now waiting for Mental Health Nurse to call and come round.
190 posts