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oh boy she hates me

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Another calm day, these tablets really have lifted her mood. She couldnt remember this afternoons carers visit and thought someone was coming around tea time which made her a bit tense but carer turned up at 8pm and was chatting mostly to me about dogs and mum was watching millionaire re-runs. When she left mum said was that a relative but accepted the answer it was a carer, before that would have turned into an argument and mum seems to be sleeping better. Still no diagnosis but I was able to have my medication review over the phone with GP instead of leaving mum to get up to tricks.
So pleased things are a little easier for you. Hope you are managing to get a bit of restful sleep yourself now.
Mum and I slept til 12pm and stress levels arent too bad.
Great to hear that your mum is improving on the new tablets
Its 8pm and mum has gone to bed! Had a bit of a wobble at tea time with mum saying can you take me home now and she was quite insistent. Fortunately I managed to distract her from the issue by telling her about my scanner and I called the crisis team as she wanted to speak to someone about being pushed from home to home. They rang back after she had went to bed and apologised because they were very busy.

Hope mum doesnt get up at 6am.
Another quiet day mum slept til midday and around tea time again mum was confused about where she lives but managed to convince her without much fuss.
Another good day but I just discovered the hospital short changed me on mums tablets so will have to get on to surgery tomorrow.

Bit of confusion over dad's death but she accepted what I said and admitted she got confused during x factor.
Having trouble getting repeat prescription of Amisulpride, gp wont issue as its an amber drug whatever that is and hospital only gave me two weeks. Hospital Doctor said she might be able to give me a weeks prescription to tide her over. Who exactly should be giving the repeat?
Hello Tim

how are things going with you and Mum at the moment ?
Things are good at the moment thanks. Although I got a. Letter free the council financial assessment unit reminding me of deprevation of savings, because I had complain that the carers were only staying 5 mins and I don't want to get changed for an hour, I manage mums money.
190 posts