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oh boy she hates me

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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I had to fill social worker on history as she hadnt even met mum before today. Who would do the continuous health assessment? Social worker also said she will arrange for an emergency respite pack to be sent out for me.
Mums home. First argument why did you put me in there. Second argument with my cousin who mum thought had been living here for weeks and was being pushed out of her own house, cousin only came yesterday. Rest of the night was not bad with lots of family reminiscing and conversation. Mum came home in ambulance and her care package starts Monday with 2 visits a day then review. Mum also had another CT scan today to help with diagnosis, dementia still not confirmed.
I though she was going to go off tonite later when she said to me whos that woman who knows all about me but I managed to get her upstairs to bed and get her tablets into her.
Tim, the hospital had a duty to complete a Continuing Healthcare Checklist Assessment BEFORE discharge - have a look at the CHC "Framework" which Google will find for you. I'd ring the PALS department at the hospital and ask them to find out why this wasn't done.
Well that was unexpected, cousin has gone home, too upset by mums outbursts and yet she looked after mums sisters who had similar problems.

Fortunately we have had a reasonably calm day after dropping cousin off at station.
Quiet day had mum peeling potatoes and watching re-runs of millionaire.
Fingers crossed it continues like this.
There was a nervous half hour this evening when she asking where Tim (me) was and I was there but fortunately tiredness overtook this thought and she has gone to bed.

The carer turned up tonight had a 5 minute chat and asked for a signature and was off, she was supposed to be here an hour.

Another assessment tomorrow by the care agency.
Mum cancelled tonites carers visit as they arent really doing anything just a 5 minute chat and a signature and they are gone.

We had a bit of a wobble tonite where mum was very confused about where she was and felt lost. She was very worried about her situation and was refusing to go to bed because she thought she was in a house she hadnt visited for years and she was waiting for close family to pick her up.

I had to explain to her I was the only close family left but a quick call from the crisis team nurse gave me some ideas on how to handle the situation and they had a word with mum on the phone and that seemed to settle her down.

Half an hour later she said I better go to bed and I am now waiting for her to finish in that bathroom.

I am in two minds to cancel the carer agency as they do nothing but having said that this is the first night she has thrown a wobbler and they havent visited.

Social services from the hospital called today asking about the care package and how things were. She is due to call back tomorrow and I dont know if I should cancel the care package and just try to get some domiciliary care.

Awww mum is in bed now and said what a nuisance I am :(
Calm day with lots of re-runs of millionaire and a new carer came who stayed and chatted for half an hour, will review in a few weeks, didnt cancel.
190 posts