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oh boy she hates me

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Well I phoned the ward and the nurse said she is wandering around trying to stir up the patients into a rebellion against the nurses.

Up until recently she was looking after me making my bed and helping with cooking so I suppose I am feeling a little grief as my mums personality has changed completely in a matter of weeks.
Hospital rang and asked me to attend as mum wanted to leave and was in a distressed state. I went down and she had settled down and took her medication, she must have had her persistent head on as the nurse was needing help.
Tim, it is not surprising you are grieving. You are grieving for the mother you knew. Dementia is a dreadful disease, robbing the sufferer of their natural personality.

Try to get some rest while mum is in hospital. You need to make the most of the time apart.
just spoke to staff nurse from last night apparently she kicked off in early hours and they had to get security
She has had a CT scan and the hospital CPN said there are some signs of dementia there but its not conclusive. The hospital has applied for right to detain as she is at risk when she is having an episode of wandering off so they can legally stop her.

Her memory seemed to be working tonight as I was getting it in the neck about putting her in there and she will be seen by an independent psychiatrist hopefully tomorrow to confirm or deny the right to detain.

She was adamant she was coming home with me so they got a nurse to sit with her with the agitation coming on and she will see a consultant Monday so I will find out more either tomorrow or Monday.
Bless you.

What a saint you are.

My situation is similar. Soooooooooooooo hard to cope with seeing your mum disappear.

Life can be cruel.
Indeed Sanity. I just called her ward and she is apparently sitting at the ward door upset because she has left her child in the car. I chose not to speak to her as earlier visiting seemed to make her more agitated and lucky the bay she is in is next to the nurses station so they can keep an eye on her.
Just had the hospital CPN on the phone and they are to review mum with the on call mental health doctor and social workers with a view to putting mum in a psychiatric ward as she is currently on a coronary ward and they arent really equipped to deal with mum as she is a little disruptive (the little rebel) currently looking out the window for my dads car. Hopefully this will only be for a couple of weeks while they tweak her medication.
Hi Tim
At least your mother will be in the best place to receive specialist care. They will be more understanding there and experienced in dealing with difficult behaviour. I hope she stabalises quickly and can be returned to her old ward if she needs coronary care.
The review will take place tomorrow. Just got back from hospital and mum still had some skewed thinking and was remembering 50% of things correctly and I saw a bit of the old mum there, although she did think she had been abducted last night and left in the street. The nurses have plated her hair which she is very proud of and she seemed quite settled so hopefully she has a good night and see what happens tomorrow.
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