Not eating or drinking well

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi Melly yes pharmacy uses blister packs. I see why carer got it wrong on a monday morning in a new pack. If you turn it round to pop them out and read from left to right like a logical book the bedtime ones come first on the left hand side- designed by a man :lol:
No one seems willing to class Dad as EOL pointing out that people with dementia can last for months and months on little food /drink. Going off topic slightly in my professional job, I know a lady who has been EOL for well over a year and spent most of it in bed. :( There is perhaps CHC implications if anyone is EOL and no one wants the bill.
No advice but sending hugs too.

I know you say your father won't consider Fortisips but it all that is keeping my husband alive so worth another go?

I guess if things go downhill, all you can do is call an ambulance? It is such a hard position to be in and i know you are more qualified than most.
Hi Helena
Thanks- yes it got to the ambulance and hospital stage stage 3 days ago and Dad probably going to be coming home again today. He seemed more muddled than ever yesterday but they have had him eting and drinking a little. Been through the CHC checklist saga again and the Drs decided he wasn't EOL but experiencing delerium and so I think they will be sending him home again with a bit of help from the discharge team until care in place. The question of EOL seems to be met with a proviso by the professionals that this of course may be different tomorrow or next week. Sorry If I sound as though I am trying to write Dad off- those that have followed me for a while will know this is far from the truth but it seems to be one of the issues that swings CHC .
Well no sooner had I finished the post, the phone rang and Dad is being dumped back here at 10.00 so I had better go and make the bed as everything has been in the wash- lots of notice ey? :roll: (posted at 9.11 not 8.11)
Fuming at the moment, The discharge papers dad has arrived home with say reason for admission- "unmet care needs :!: ". The fact that he hasn't been eating or drinking adequately and in the words of the OT was "unrousable" and 3 paramedics agreed he needed hospital admission the reason was "unmet care needs".
Translated in an impartial moment I realise this is not a personal dig at me but rather a get out clause that they don't want him back on the ward again". If I wasn't in the middle of caring for Dad I would feel very inclined to shout loudly from every available platform about the wording on discharge. Not a happy bunny this morning
I'm fuming for you Henrietta!! Not sure you should let it go to be honest,but something else on your list is a nusiance.
I agree about wording. I asked my sister to read a letter the CHC have sent to me. Immediately, she said " I don't like the way this is worded, Multidisciplinary meeting sounds dreadful and scary" She is an intelligent person,knows the jargon etc,but still objected to that. Others, who haven't had dealings in such things would be mortified.
Please take care of yourself. Thinking of you (((( hugs))))
I will have to speak to GP on Monday and I shall raise my objections with GP , and D/N and OT and Care Agency.
All of the above have been superb and know what I deal with .
It is a difficult balance between raising the roof and knowing that I might need their help at the hospital again.
That was very little notice, a good job you were home. They really have no idea about caring for someone long term at home.

Not surprised you are furious about the discharge letter. I think I would have to act on that as it would continue to niggle me. I do know what you mean though about you might be needing their services again in the future etc

Hope you managed to grab a bit of me time whilst your Dad was in hosp, in between tackling the laundry mountain.

Thanks Melly, I have been letting off steam all morning, first with a carer who gave me a friendly ear and then with the intermediate nurse who came from the hospital. She couldn't have been more lovely but I made sure she understood my feelings on the wording. I realise it is just somebody's quick scribbling of a discharge note but to me it is a slight on everything I have been doing .

And no not really to the me time- just hospital visits, sitting around waiting for phone calls and yes to a very large pile of laundry.
Hi Henrietta
I can understand your anger. I know you are deep back into caring at the moment but do think you need to raise a formal complaint when you get a precious few minutes, not just because it's galling to you personally but because it is medically wrong. Dad was admitted because he was unrousable and delirious , end of. That fact needs recording in case he's admitted again with similar.
Yes, it may have been written in a rushed moment, but it is still wrong