Not eating or drinking well

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Not having a good week with Dad, had to call out of hrs Dr again today who has put him back on ABs just in case there is a UTI. So hard to tell if it is progression of dementia or UTI . I found a bed sheet stuffed inside the commode this morning and other little oddities throughout the day. Dad has eaten breakfast a light lunch but refused everthing since. He has had 2 cups of tea plus a few slurps of water with medication and has spent a lot of time in bed in the last few days. Incontinence creeping back again and instances of delerium. Refused all food and drink since lunch time beside eve medication water.
I would have expected him to eat little and often as appetite declines rather than breakfast/lunch and then nothing until breakfast again? Even urine infections have seldom put Dad off his food in the past
(((Hugs))) to you both.

So sorry to hear this Henrietta. If his symptoms are confusing you, they would confuse anyone. You know more than most, and care more than most. Maybe he's just feeling a bit under the weather. Its really ffrustrating when they cant express whats wrong, isnt it?

More ((( hugs))) Henrietta
So difficult. Xx
Sending ((hugs)), Henrietta. I found that as dementia progressed, it seemed that the brain no longer registered hunger or thirst, if that makes sense. Could the GP prescribe Fortisip or Fortijus, those little bottles of fortified liquid? Maybe dad would tolerate one of those with a straw if he can suck ...
Hi Anne
Thanks for suggestion- He has been referred to the dietician ages ago and neither myself nor the D/N or any of the carers have been able to persuade him to take fortisip, fortijuice, or one or two other supplements we have tried.
Today he had one single cup of tea for breakfast and has totally refused all other fluids so far today. I am not talking mug of tea but old fashioned small cup of tea. He had some toast and egg for breafast but nothing at all since . I tried to get him on the commode, stood him in front of it and took his trousers down but he refused to sit or try and use it. He kept saying no, no no, don't want to so I had to give up.
He has had stage 4 CKD for several years and I am wondering if his kidneys are closing down?
I don't know, but do think a call to your local hospice may provide some answers and some support. Of course there's always the GP too
I did wonder about Admiral nurses but I still think it may be UTI, he had more to drink at dinner time tonight and is awake this evening. Maybe it is even partly the dementia- awake by night and so asleep all day? I also noticed this morning's carer gave eve meds instead of morning meds so that may not have helped today.UTIs always knock him for six.
The verdict today by GP is no UTI but drop in Vasc dementia. He has done a referral back to memory clinic to see what other support they can give but zilch so far as I know. Don't see what else they could do besides provide some free care. - oh look a large flying pig up in the sky.
Hi Henrietta,

Sending cyber support your way.

Re large, pink pigs, flying past the window: I don't know if it's different for dementia sufferers but my friend's mum had cancer and she used to attend pamper sessions at the local hospice, if your Dad couldn't cope with that, could they visit him at home, instead. I'm sure the hospice services were free.

Does the pharmacist put your Dad's meds into the blister packs which sort them by day and time? ( can't think of name.) if not, might help to eliminate care worker error.