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Blogs on music and dementia - Carers UK Forum

Blogs on music and dementia

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Music for Dementia has launched a series of blogs to inspire and support the wider community to continue to support and prioritise people with dementia. The series will provide a medium for opinion and comment not just on dementia and music, but more broadly the world we now find ourselves in, with some key suggestions on how we can move forward.

To read the blogs, visit: https://musicfordementia.org.uk/expert-blog/
This applies TO ALL in UK living with dementia whether at home, in care or in hospital, not just care homes but if you do have the e mail of a care home or activity coordinator near you? please share this with them or let me have thier e mail please
Hello , my name is Norrms Mc Namara and I am the founder of the Global Purple Angel dementia charity 1189616 based in Uk
Link https://purpleangel-global.com/mp3-players/ We are supplying a certain amount of " FREE" Mp3s which are uploaded especially with your residents all-time fave 15 songs on them for them to use and bring back so many happy memories and would love to help your residents. Please find below some incredible uplifting feedback on how much these can help your residents
Please don't hesitate to contact me with your orders (3 mp3s per home to start with ) on norrms@gmail.com, that's two rr`s in norrms or I wont get it
HOW TO ORDER Its all really simple to do actually, I have attached some order forms for you and all you need to do is fill them in. We need 15 songs from each of your residents who have dementia, their all-time fave songs please, along with the 15 Artists that sing them (so important this bit ) along with a secure address to send to (Up to 3 Mp3s to start with then we will take it from there) and we will do the rest, half the fun is COLLATING THE SONGS AND SINGERS WITH THE RESIDENTS!! ( The generic ones are for hospital use only ) .
We only need residents' initials, no need for names. All that we ask is a little written feedback from each Mp3. It helps when we are applying for funding so we can keep this going for free and if anybody wants to make a donation we gratefully accept or keep us in mind when future fundraising, please, and if you can do a little fundraising for us yourself? That would be really incredible
Norrrms Best wishes Norrms Mc Namara FEEDBACK from other care providers.....
REPORT from a care establishment:
We have had 13 MP3 players with personalized music and headphones. Out of the 13 residents, we have seen positive changes in 11 residents and some unbelievable changes that have astounded us. For one resident that the MP3 player did not work for, we gave it to another resident not eating and drinking and spending most of the day asleep. This resident is now alert, eating and drinking.
We have 2 residents who were on end of life that have come back to life since the introduction of the MP3 players.
What we have seen residents speaking more, residents who never communicate verbally have been speaking. Residents have been putting on weight and have been much more alert.
Staff have been so excited by the results they have asked us to request more MP3 players for other residents. Families who have seen the reaction of residents listening to the MP3 players have asked if we can get them for their relatives.
The difference the MP3 players have made has to almost be seen to be believed. With BG who was approaching the end of her life, not accepting personal care, not eating or drinking and was very thin. To see her now right from the moment she had her MP3 player – singing, dancing, smiling, talking, eating and drinking and has gained some weight. Every day I see her, I still cannot believe the change~~~~~~~~