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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Norms, that was very good, nearly made me cry thinking about it.
Bless you Norms xx
How brave Norms. To say and mean you wouldn't change anything.
Wish I could feel the same. Bless you.
Good morning all, two bad nights and counting !! Screaming shouting, running around in the middle of the night, I hate this disease with an absolute vengeance !! Waking in a morning to uncertainty, worry and a feeling of absolute hopelessness, unsettled and nervous, feeling like my mind is not my own, i could go on and on. and yet!! the dawn breaks and another day emerges..............

Dementia is relentless, it doesn't recognise Christmas, New years, holidays etc, it doesn't recognise creed or colour, rich or poor, it just Marches on,

" PLEASE LET THERE BE A CURE IN 2017" Ah yes, dear Norm, this would be our dearest wish and prayer.

Sorry that you are having such a bad time - those horrible disturbed nights are hard to bear and so tiring. Hubby experiences this too, so I have some understanding. Do you have any medication for this? Hubby did have meds prescribed but side effects were too bad to continue.

Kindest regards to you Norms and to Elaine.

Violet xx
Thank you Violet xxxxxxxx
Guess what ? I survived !!!....................

After two horrendous nights and feeling so tired i could sleep for a week i have been resting and thinking about 2016, and do you know what i have concluded?


Its as simple as that !! When all the dust has settled..... I SURVIVED

After a YEAR of being tormented relentlessly by LEWY BODY`S Dementia ? I SURVIVED .....

After 12 months of sleepless night, Night terrors, Hallucinations ? I SURVIVED !! ............

After 52 weeks of (some people ) being horrible, bad mouthing, the nudges, the winks as i stagger because of my spatial awareness, GUESS WHAT ?? i survived .........

And after nearly 365 days of NEVER knowing what the night, or next morning will bring, can YOU IMAGINE THAT ??


But i couldnt have done it without the incredible support from my ANGEL Elaine and family around me as well as so many wonderful friends across the globe.

Thing is, GUESS WHAT ?? i am going to try and do it ALL OVER AGAIN NEXT YEAR !!!!

And the year after, and the year after, "You get the idea" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please share
Norrms Mc Namara
You are a remarkable man!! Such an inspiration.


I sat there this morning, totally transfixed and immersed in what Elaine (my wife ) was telling me this morning about last nights happenings. I listened in horror as she told me how i was throwing my arms about , kicking and screaming like a man possessed, and how she had to restrain me , got hold of my hands and held me tight, at one point accidentally pulling my thumb back which is what brought me out of it, thank goodness. ( i have to say even if she had done it on purpose in wouldn't have blamed her as she is always in danger when his happens) but worse was yet to come............

Within a couple of hours of settling back down, she says, at 2.30am i was running around the house, chasing people and shouting at them to get out!! I was kicking and punching at the air as if i was attacking hoards of people around me. It was so surreal listening to this as it was as if she was telling me about a film she had just watched, and not something that happened in real life. I looked at her as she explained it all to me, and i saw something i had`nt seen too many times before, i saw the fear in her eyes, the worry lines on her face, the tiredness in her movements and heard the sorrow in her voice, and then i thought?

" This conversation must be happening / have happened millions of times all over the world ?


What about YOU GUYS ?? the ones who has to deal with this day in day out ?
The ones who have to clean up the mess afterwards?
The ones who still have to carry on every day, without sufficient sleep ? Without help ? without Support ?

What happens to YOU when YOU ARE tired, worn out and at your wits end?


My dearest friends, i have no answer as to why you dont get the recognition you all so dearly deserve,

I have no idea why there isn't enough put in place for the support you so desperately need,

I have no idea why other people cannot understand why you do what you do ?? If the shoe was on the other foot i would do the same in a HEARTBEAT !!

BUT !! What i do know is others, just like myself, *(And not JUST those with dementia , but ALL Disabled dependents)

And you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN !!!

"Always in your shadow, but shining just as bright right next to you "

Norrms Mc Namara
Diagnosed with dementia aged just 50, now 59 years old


Please share if you wish
To Those Who Survive

The world will keep on turning,
No matter what
From its outer frozen lands
To a core that is so hot,

Life goes on,
Each day and each night,
As all over the world,
Its Dementia we fight

We fight many things
Year after year,
But its always dementia,
Thats something we fear

Its called many names
It comes in all forms,
It can descend so slow,
Or like a fearsome storm

Takes over your body,
Your soul and your mind,
Eats away at your essence,
So very unkind,

What can we do ?
Is there no cure ?
I hear you all ask,
I would like to assure,

But sadly i cant,
Well at least not just yet,
Yet the fight will go on,
You mustn't forget,

And on that glorious day
When the cure does arrive
We will all raise our glasses,
To those who survive

Cc Norrms Mc Namara

Diagnosed with Dementia 9 years ago aged 50

please share if you wish too
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