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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Your such a fighter Norrms, It's quite humbling to read just how brave you are mate. I'm so glad you had the family to dinner with you, there's nothing quite like it is there?

As you know, the last few weeks have been tough but hopefully things are starting to get better now. What I have found the last few days is it seems as if I have a built in ten second delay. I know that sounds daft but I will try to explain.
I feel as if everything going on around me is quicker than me and I am playing catch up. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to understand things straight away. A perfect example was yesterday when my eldest daughter came to visit. As Elaine and Shirley were having a conversation I tried my hardest to keep up. When I was asked to comment on what they had been talking about I answered something they had said minutes ago.
It’s as if it’s taking just that little bit longer to sink in and quite worrying. It’s even worse when I am around people or crowds. Not that long ago I would have stood amongst thousands cheering my favourite football team on, now, I panic when I go into town. I never go into the shops with Elaine anymore. I go with her but not inside and usually stand outside. This in itself brings its own problems as sure enough somebody else will be stood there and tries to start a conversation!!
I refuse to become a recluse and stop going out; it’s just not going to happen, well not as long as I can help it anyway! This horrid disease touches every possible part of your life and the worst part for me is when it affects my family life, it’s heartbreaking! I am sure the conversations between My “Angelâ€
Have a good holiday Norrms and Elaine. Will be thinking of you.

Thank you pete, i hope you and your family are all ok, stay safe and healthy my friend, best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Image Image
Day at the

Many years ago now, too many to remember, Elaine and myself had only been together about 4yrs when one day we decided to have a ride into the country, a tradition we still do now. On the way there Elaine suddenly remembered we needed some money putting in the bank, as we all do!! A little way down the road was the town of Worsley in Manchester. We pulled into a parking space, Elaine wrote the slip out, gave me some money and pointed to the bank across the road. So with money and slip in hand, off I trotted.

Entering the bank the first thing I noticed was of course the queue!! Have you ever noticed the queue in a bank always consists of an old lady (Bless) a mother with a screaming child, someone with about three hundred pounds in small change and a weirdo! Over the years this has never changed and the tellers are still as slow! Looking around the bank and winking into the camera’s is something I can`t resist, do you do that? I noticed how high the ceilings were, this is compulsory in banks, have you noticed!! To keep me from getting bored I usually wave at myself at the television or pull my tongue out at the child who is still screaming its head off!

Eventually the queue dwindled and it was my turn next, then I heard those immortal words we all dread, I’ve lost my card, can you help me? Yep! And it`s the old lady, so it`s a double whammy! Your heart sinks as you know you are in for the long haul!

Eventually, 3hrs later ( only joking !) the lady with the most annoying voice in the word says “ Window number three please , and quick as a flash I am there, a big smile on my face, a polite hello and the slip and money proudly put under the security window! Have you ever noticed that in Banks they chain their pens to the counter but leave their front doors open?? Very strange!!

Anyway, my joy was short lived as the girl was quite clearly was having major problems inputting my account numbers. I laughed to myself as I realised I wasn`t the only one a bit thick with computers!! I`m sure she knew I was laughing at her as the nostrils flared at her eighth attempt and her eyes got wider with anger. I’m sorry she said, we cat seem to find you on the system, we? I thought, Christ, she`s schitzo as well! I could only see one of her. That`s ok I said cockily, if you have no record of me then you have no record of my overdraft either! As I laughed, I heard other people laugh with me in the queue which only made matters worse, because now she was on a mission!!

Have you got your credit card with you she asked? Of course, came my quick reply and slid it under the counter, now I knew this was going to be aa win for the common people!!!
The girl looked at my card, looked at me and then looked at my card again. As I haven’t got a picture on it I thought it was just a ploy to psyche me out. Can ask you something? (Now it was her turn to be cocky!) What Bank do you think you are in? The TSB DOUH!! Where do YOU think I am? Recalling her mental illness. Well, she said growing taller by the second, this is the Nat West bank, the TSB is next door!!!

As I looked round, to my horror I saw all sorts of adverts I hadn’t seen before on the walls, God knows how I missed them! The old lady behind me just tutted and shook her head, the child from hell cried even louder, the man with all the change who had arms like an Orangatang stared at me menacingly and the weirdo called ME a weirdo !!! As I walked out, no actually that`s not true, I ran out, I just caught a glimpse of somebody in a heap laughing hysterically on one of the seats just next to the door.

Yep, you`ve guessed, it was Elaine who was sat in the bank and had watched the whole thing! Why didn’t you stop me I pleaded? What and miss this?? Not a chance!!!
As we walked out of the bank, me very sheepishly I’m sure I heard that girl behind the window still laughing!! Things are no different now than then, still, it keeps Elaine laughing!!
Norrms, I did exactly the same thing here in Teignmouth. Like you I patiently waited in the long queue, thinking they must have given the old place a face lift. I rather like this torquois blue colour. When I eventually reached the window, the teller looked at me and said with a smile, "I think you want Lloyds TSB, this is Barclays." I just muttered something about liking the new decor and rushed next door!! Image Image ................Stupid boy.
Image what a good story norrms. I could hear Elaine chuckling when I read the end.

Karen xx


Daily Occurrence

“Excuse me? Excuse me? Shouted the shopkeeper, that will be £2.25p pleaseâ€
To Stay
Hello all, well, we are back home from our one week’s holiday with our friends and although in general we had a great time I did find a few things hard which I would like to share with you.
I have always been a very sociable guy, always the first one to the bar, always the first on stage ECT and always having a smile on my face. Since being diagnosed with this awful disease we have been on quite a few holidays (a last Hurrah to say the least LOL) but what we have never done since that awful day is been on holiday with friends, until last week that is.
Our good friends were already there when we arrived at the chalet and within an hour of arriving I was looking around at all indoors at what seemed like such a small space. It probably wasn’t that small but I am just not used to sharing a small apartment between four of us. So much of my time was spent outside in the fresh air at the garden table on the lawn in front, not such a bad thing.
Then it was down to the camp club. I couldn’t believe how frightened and claustrophobic I felt. The dullness felt in my heart was terrible as all I wanted was to be “normalâ€
Glad you had a good holiday Norrms, even if it was hard work for you at times. Jill is too ill to go away at the moment. She has another bladder infection, the third this year Image

Take care mate and keep on fighting. Easy for me to say I know, but I really hope you will.

All our best

Jill & Pete Image
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