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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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That reads like a really great day out Norrms, just a tad envious your getting such great weather, we are hot here but under a load of cloud that just wont shift, everything feels better when the sun shines.
Me and my AD

Was it
Given to me

As I sit there sometimes in my own little world, totally oblivious to what is going on around me; my AD is at the forefront of my mind. Too many questions? And so little time. I don’t mean time as in the length of my illness but time as in life itself.

I always felt as if i had been so lucky to have done so much in such a short time (my short autobiography is free for all to read on request, yes I really have wrote one !! ) but now i always have the feeling as if i am running out of time.

I tend to rush things now, and want things done NOW!! Rather than “Wheneverâ€
My Life
In Short
I once sat on a wooden bench,
With a Cider in my hand,
Watching as the world went by,
Surveying all the land,
Wondering what the future held,
Could I take a peep?
I`d just spent the last nine years,
With nowhere to sleep,
This was before I met my angel,
Who is now my darling wife,
How could she take on?
Such trouble and such strife,
Then one day my best friend died,
He was only thirty two,
And for the first time in my life,
I didn’t know what to do,
The Salvation Army came along,
And offered me a bed,
If I hadn’t taken it,
I would now be dead,
I decided to turn my life around,
And rented my own place,
Then I met Elaine,
My Angel with such grace,
With her strength and her support,
I am here today,
And it’s to the “Big Fellaâ€
Hello all, I thought I would introduce to my other life/world. I have two you see, the one which is reality and the one which is my dream world. Somebody once said “What if reality was a dream and dream the realityâ€
Thank you norrms.
Yes thank you Norrms, most interesting. Since my wife became ill and I became her 24/7 Carer, I dream like mad every night, to the point of waking up exhausted some mornings.
I guess mine is stress related though?

Take care mate,

Thank you, yes there are so may reasons for dreaming, too many to put a finger on one thing, still i hope this has helped some, best wisnes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Time of
Things are beginning to settle down a little now, well, apart from the England vs. Germany match this afternoon!!LOL and I think it’s a time to look back on the last few weeks and take stock.
How many of us wish we had an easy life but when thought long and hard about it probably would be so boring. “Are we the only family in the world who has so much bad luck? “ “Is another question that’s passed my lips more than once this month? Deep down I know that “NOâ€
Alzheimer’s just Keeps
Marching On.

My God! Will they ever find a cure?

I am writing this just thirty minutes after my eldest granddaughter, her boyfriend and my great grandson “Loganâ€
Thank you norrms. As always your writing is so poignant.
952 posts