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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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As I walk life`s lonely road,

Seemingly carrying a heavy load,

When a stranger says Hey! Have you seen?

The light of God that’s always been?

Up to then I did not care,

If God was either here or there,

Who was this God?

This Saviour of man?

Let`s see these miracles if he can!

Then one night in deep despair,

Did I realise no one cared,

I threw myself upon the ground,

The only noise was a sobbing sound.

Dear Lord I cried between the tears

Fill my heart and end my fears

I’ve sinned so long I know not why?

What will happen when I die?

As I lay there with tears subsiding,

Inside my head a voice was crying,

Open up your heart and let him in,

He will cleanse your soul of all you sin,

So now I walk a different road,

The one to heaven, my story told.

Written at my lowest time, and after just realising I had Alzheimer’s, best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxx
All is not

Sometimes when you think all is lost
And it couldn’t get any worse
Then something else comes along
And you’re convinced you’re cursed,
When every door you walk through
Seems a million miles,
And all that you are longing for,
Is that all familiar smile,
Just cast your mind back to a time,
Not so long ago,
When all your worries were little ones,
And you never once felt low,
Those days are in your memories,
And will never go away,
So just remember the happy times,
And in your heart will stay
The one that you’ve loved all your life,
And who has loved you so,
They don’t want you to feel like this,
They don’t want you to go,
They see you’re hurt, your sorrow and pain
If you look into their eyes,
How they would love to call your name,
And wish away the cries,
But until that day when they find a cure,
Just do what you do best
Just love and care for each other
And all will pass the test

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hiya, I have had early onset Alzheimer’s now for two/three years and have had many ups and downs. Three nights ago it all came to a head and I broke down. I take Prozac for my depression and that usually stops the tears (A side effect) but there was no stopping these. They started with a quiet sob and then the floodgates opened and turned into hard stomach churning grief stricken cry. I could hardly get my breath as the sobs become louder and louder. Elaine (My Angel) just held on to me so tight and whispered in my ear that everything was going to be ok, but deep down I know different. I was scared, so scared I started to shake and Elaine thought I was beginning to have a fit but thankfully I didn’t.

Everything in the last three years, the diagnosis, the death of my dear brother in law (Still unresolved) my mum, and so much more I won’t tell you about came flooding back and I arrived in a very bad place. Eventually when the sobbing subsided I turned to Elaine and looked at her. I said straight out “I’ve had enoughâ€
Too Much

How much in life are we asked to bear?
No matter how much we care and share,
How many times do we ask?
Please don’t give me one more task,
But when it comes we always try,
To do our best, it’s do or die,
We are only human after all,
But we always go beyond the call,
Always putting others first,
Looking after, gently nursed,
It sometimes feels never-ending,
But with all my love I am sending,
To all you carers, you know who you are,
Who are full of love and so much care,

Thank you, from Norrms and all AD sufferers all over the world
Of The

Some days are good some days are bad,
One day happy but many more sad,
Because this illness knows no rules,
You just can’t fix it with your tools,
But when you get a few good days,
With no clouds or shimmering haze,
Make sure you grab them, hold them tight,
And cherish them with all your might,
Because i do believe one day,
One that’s not very far away,
Out of the darkness we will walk,
Heads held high, talking the talk,
And until that day is here,
Every day we will cheer,
We don’t care what AD does,
I`m with my friends on the friendship bus,
And together we will stay,
Until that glorious winning day,
When at last they find a cure,
And they will, of that I’m sure.

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxx
If My
Could Talk

If my eyes could talk, what would they say?
That I love you more, every day?
Would they say thank you for all you do?
For keeping me safe and healthy too
The Alzheimer’s means I cannot talk
But my heart and yours both will walk,
Down life’s road hand in hand
Playing the same tune just like a band
Dancing together as we have always done
Loving life and having fun
So look into my eyes and you will see
I’m no different really, just the same old me.

Best wishes to you all Norrms
Just been shopping in Asda,
There wasn’t half a crowd,
The Tannoys and the people,
Sounded very very loud,
Rushing here, rushing there,
People pushing by,
Mothers ranting, husbands shouting,
Children starting to cry,
I feel like shouting “Please Be Quiet!
My head is ready to burst,
Every time i shop in here,
I always fear the worst,
This frightened look upon my face,
Is clear for all to see,
But they have no real idea
What is worrying me?
I look the same, i smile the same,
I shop the same as them
But the difference is, they do it once,
Not time and time again,
So if you see me, in your local Asda,
With a trolley load of Tattiesâ€
And my

Hello, this is my most recent account of how I first found out how I was suffering from Alzheimer`s (The early onset of) and how it has affected my day to day living and how its deteriorated since despite the help of some wonderful medics and medicine.
I am writing this so all my friends can understand how far I have come with it and hopefully forgive but remember me in the future when the e mails stop. Also to all those who don’t know me but who read it then thank you and I hope it helps if ever you or anybody of your friends/family are touched by this awful disease.
Always smiling
P.S. Please don’t pity me just come along for the ride and I will tell you it`s not all doom and gloom!! LOL

First Signs.
It would be about nearly two years ago now when I visited my mum in my home town of Bolton in Lancashire and a great time was had (Apparently). Within three weeks of being up there my wife Elaine and I were talking one night when she mentioned it. I honestly thought she was kidding me or “Winding me up “as we say and it wasn’t until much discussion was had, and I saw that worried look in her eye, that I thought something might be wrong.
I have suffered from heart failure for the last six years so we kind of put it down to the amount of medication I was taking for that ailment. Was I just kidding myself? Personally, at the time, I didn’t think so but looking back now, probably. Over the coming months things used to crop up, only little things like forgetting who had rung up that day, or finding my shoes, on my own !! LOL. Also people and places seemed to fade away into a distant haze as if I had dreamt about most of them but they weren’t really real. Believe it or not the penny dropped at a Football match. Typical!! LOL

Finding Out
I had visited my brother and we had gone to a local football match when, while having a coffee at half time underneath the stadium he turned to me and said something that made my hair stand on end and still does. He explained that while he had been driving down to London the other day he lost all his bearings and didn’t know where he was or where he was going. This sounded so familiar but I didn’t say anything at the time. He said eventually all came back to him thankfully and he went on his way as normal.
We talked about how our Father had died of Alzheimer`s and also our gran on my Mum`s side so the odds were stacked against us, but as usual, me being me I just laughed it off. It wasn’t until we got home to Torquay that I repeated the same conversation with my darling wife Elaine and we both decided maybe a trip to my local Doctors was the best way to find out.
The test I was given was a very simple twenty questions test about Date, time, day month ECT. All came good apart from the date and that wasn`t a major problem, apparently it was the time was taking to answer these simple questions. A decision was made to see a Brain Specialist at our local memory clinic.

The Truth
After what seemed like an age but was really only a month (my idea of time was getting mixed up by now) I saw a really nice doctor who gave me a complete physical and was then passed on to a nice Psychologist who sat me down and gave me what I have fondly since called a “Stupid Testâ€
Bound ?

Hello everybody, the last couple of weeks I have been wrestling on how to put this but I will have a go anyway. As you know we are a very very close family and we always say if you kick one of us we all limp!!LOL
We had a phone call from our youngest daughter saying she was going for a new job interview and when that had sunk in she said that the job was in Adelaide, Australia! Now, before her now husband and herself were married they lived and worked in OZ for a year but then decided to come home and start a family, the result being my two youngest wonderful grandchildren.
This without doubt is an opportunity of a lifetime and the money she will earn is very scary but in a nice way. It also includes a house, pool and transfer costs. 500 went for the job and we heard yesterday she is down to the last three. She also said that even if she doesn’t get this particular job the seed has been sown and they are making arrangements to move over as soon as.
The first thing I have to tell you is that Elaine and I have always supported our children in (Most loll) the things they have done and this time is no exception.
But the truth is, IT HURTS!! It hurts so much I don’t know what to do with myself. Does the Alzheimer’s have any bearing on it?? You BET it does!! My no 1 fear with this disease is me forgetting my wonderful family and we have regular contact with them all (always have) but more so now to “enjoy the dayâ€
[quote]Shopping Day

After having a good couple of weeks, today the fog descended and i had one of my off days. It had to be shopping day didn’t it!! We decided to go to Newton Abbot for a “Moochâ€
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