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BREAKING NEWS......SNEAK PREVIEW.....................

NEW SINGLE TO BE RELEASED FOR DAD DAY "Dementia Awareness Day SEPT 9th 2017


As promised here is some exciting news, at the moment, my new song is being worked on by a wonderful Music producer called John Milton and sung by Terry Gleed. Its called


Here is a sneak preview of the chorus, hope you all like it and will download when its out



You are my life, my strength , in everything i do,

The reason i am breathing, i owe everything to you,

Your every emotion that i feel,

I was broken, you helped me heal

Your the reason i am breathing,I owe everything to you


This is my last big song i wrote , i hope you like the new one as much as you liked this, hers hoping , please share


Please click on to listen
Dark days, Dark nights

As I walked through Newton Abbot yesterday I felt my legs getting heavier, but the most disturbing thing was my head was getting even heavier. they talk about the weight of the world being on your shoulders but this now applied to my head. it felt as if I couldn't lift it and was being pressed down by some incredible invisible force, my eyes were glued to watching my feet as I struggled to put one foot in front of the other. Elaine noticed straight away, held onto me and insisted that was enough and we headed back to the car. I hadn't walked that far but I had felt a little "Strange " most of the day. By the time I got back to the car I was totally exhausted, shaking and so out of breath, my head felt like it was full of cotton wool and I couldn't get my words out properly,

Lewy Body`s had struck early in the day.................

Unfortunately, it didn't come by itself, accompanying it was what I call my "Concrete Overcoat" Some people call it the " Big Black Dog, most know it as depression. I was being assaulted, mentally and physically from all sides, as you all know, I also have heart failure and have so much trouble breathing sometimes, yesterday, as they day, felt like the "Perfect Storm"

Not much was said on the way back from Newton Abbot to Torquay, about a twenty-minute journey, don't get me wrong, it wasn't for the want of trying !! But hard as I tried, just a mumbled jumped up set of words came out that even Elaine couldn't understand. I literally staggered out of the car as if I had been drinking as Elaine held onto me as tight as possible as we approached our flat. As soon, as I got in she, sat me down, took off my shoes and helped me to bed "best place for you at the moment i can recall her saying as I fell into a black depressive sleep, which was fitful and littered with disturbing dreams and even more disturbing and dark ridden thoughts.

An hour or so later I awoke with a thumping head and feeling very disorientated, so very low and couldn't see any light what so ever at the end of this everlasting tunnel called dementia and depression. I firmly believe the two are inexplicably linked and when they come together, all seems lost. The rest of the night was sat in almost silence and I am so grateful it was, because my ANGEL Elaine just has that knack of saying the right things at the right times, when to say something and when not to, bedtime came and as it did I dreaded, once again what was to come



Diagnosed with dementia (And depression ) nine years ago aged just 50 xxxxxx
It is so unusual
On many websites like this 'we' are on the outside looking in - as carers - but to be on the inside looking out is a totally different aspect - which I now understand after reading your post. Thank you for letting us share how you feel, and being so expressive and eloquent in that sharing.

My partner has multiple health issues and mixed dementia - all of which have happened in the last 9 months - this time last year our lives were so different.

I am not saying I understand how you feel, but I do have a better understanding.

thank you

Mary ( in a different part of Devon)
Thank you Mary
Here it is, the song we have been telling you about for so long is now AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD WORLDWIDE, you can also hear an excerpt before you buy, PLEASE PLEASE Let me know what you think
ONLY 79P !!! (Feeling really nervous now) and please share with all as ALL proceeds go to Purple Angel dementia campaign.

I Promise you the chorus/tune will be in your head all day LOL ... 1275262818

If you want to BUY the CD and KEEP IT FOREVER !! please go to

As I walk through the street, I am there, yet I am not,
You see me, even hear me, yet I don't see you
I am not in your world, I am NOT in my own world,
I am in dementia`s world where nothing is real,
I stand and stare at the shop windows, but I don't see me,
Sometimes I see a younger me, sometimes an older me,
But I NEVER SEE ME, never the REAL ME,
You hear me speak, but sometimes I don't hear you,
I want to hear you, I want to hang on to every word,
I want this world to make sense again,
But of course, it doesn't, not anymore,
I see where your going, but I don't know where I am going,
I hear you laughing, and yet I cannot laugh,
Dementias world is devoid of all sense, humour, and direction,
I walk in a maze of uncertainty and loneliness,
Each step is so hard some days,
Each step feels like a mile walked,
I stumble and stagger as if walking over rough terrain,
Sometimes falling over absolutely nothing, in a heap on the floor, in a heap of embarrassment,
Never wanting to get up again, hoping dementia`s world will swallow me up,
Sometimes I am here, sometimes not,
Anf yet I feel I am everywhere, but yet? I am sadly NOWHERE


Norrms Mc Namara

Diagnosed with Dementia 9 years ago aged 50

(feeling different today )

Please share if you wish
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