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Thank you my friend
TAKING STOCK of what i called "HIDDEN DEMENTIA " Re a couple of days ago, PLEASE SHARE i hope it helps

A couple of weeks ago i was interviewed by my good friend in the USA Clarke Pollard about my new book and he will share our interview with all in October i believe. In it he asked me some very probing questions which i welcomed and answered to the best of my knowledge. One such question was

"Why do you / other`s with Lewy Bodys / think you have such bad night terrors ?

This was my answer (For what its worth and in my own humble opinion) Which i intended blogging about a couple of days ago before i was so rudely interrupted by TROLLS !!

I believe my "Terrors" stem from a hidden fear i have. All my life i have always believed the answer to most things is negotiation and a peaceful solution. Those close to me will tell you i abhor violence in any way shape or form and i have been known to run from the room and be physically SICK when i see violent acts on TV that are real, (Films have no effect as i know they are only acting)

Most of my night terrors are of such graphically intense close up unspeakable acts of violence i believe it stems of my fear of this in real life and my , dare i say , phobia about it.

I also worry a great deal about my "Angel " Elaine and how she not only copes now, but how she will cope in the future and then eventually on her own, this upsets me so much,. I feel so lonely now when i am not in her company so what will happen when i am not here. MY CHILDREN and grandchildren who have to face all whats thrown at them in the future, ? What of them ? We, like THOUSANDS of others are such a close family and we (Elaine and i ) have always been there for them, what happens when i`m gone ?? At writing this i am only 58 and most at my age would expect at least another 25/30 yrs but with this disease i know this is not possible.

Throw all this together and mix it all up and i really do believe my night terrors stem from this, from my fear of not only dying, but leaving my loved ones behind who i have adored all my life and still believe i can do so much more to nurture their futures, a fear of whats going to happen to them, what will they grow up into, will they have happy families of their own and will the curse of dementia ever darken their doorsteps? Mix this with my fear of gratuitous violence and there is my theory.

Maybe others have the same belief, not only with lewy bodys but also those with any type of dementia where Night terrors plague them. Maybe their night terrors play out differently, they may be about drowning, flying, fire or hunger, who knows ?? but i do believe when you are looking into the Abyss of |dementia , knowing that at this moment, where there is no cure, we are ALL looking for answers, maybe this is one of mine ??

Best wishes, Norrms Mc Namara Diagnosed with dementia 8 years ago aged just 58

(Will keep you posted about the Trolls)

New Book on Dementia
THE LEWY BODY SOLDIER Written from the heart by someone LIVING WITH DEMENTIA ... +Mc+Namara.
To all Carers/Care givers and loved ones from all of us with dementia


As i lay down my weary head
Sometimes just a look, is all that needs to be said,
A look that says "Have a peaceful sleep"
As towards the darkness i do creep,
What each night brings, know one knows,
What will i see before the cock crows?
I close my eyes and this wish i make,
To see you here, as i awake,
For you my love, you keep me strong,
And always have, for ever so long,
When that day comes, you know which one,
When my eyes wont open for the morning sun,
Remember this, i love you so
So in your heart you will always know,
I will be there, tucked away,
To walk beside you every day

Cc Norrms Mc Namara Diagnosed with dementia 8 yrs ago aged just 50
Please share
Norms - what a lovely poem - thank you so much
I look after hubby who has vascular dementia

Best wishes x
Youb arec very welcome Violet xxxxxx
This is how we finish of a memory cafe in Torbay, please watch till the end, only 85 secs long, a very emotional ending and you might be a little surprised , just click on link below and please feel free to share xxxxxxxxxx ... 3005183871
This is how we finish of a memory cafe in Torbay, please watch till the end, only 85 secs long, a very emotional ending and you might be a little surprised , just click on link below and please feel free to share xxxxxxxxxx ... 3005183871
Fabulous Norms
Made me cry. I can't go to musical events at hubby's nursing home. I'm always in bits! We went to lots of musicals. The memory catches me.
Well done to you.
Fantastic Norrms we have attended our memory cafe in the North East since hubby was diagnosed and they are fab but must admit yours was over and beyond to the point of tears keep it going thumbs up :) xx
Thank you Susan
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