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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Just watched the video , so very very powerful , proud of mate , I will make sure that the message gets out there Image Image
And to think, yesterday started out so well. We were up and out early doing some last minute shopping, well truth be told, we have never been so disorganised as this year because we have been so busy, so I suppose we were just catching up!!
In all the excitement I had forgotten that I had to have a blood test at 1-20pm yesterday afternoon with a new nurse at the surgery. I will at this point just say that for those of you who don’t know, I have a huge phobia of needles!!
As the time neared I found myself getting more and more anxious and sitting in the waiting room felt like I was under sentence of death!! When it was my turn the nurse came out to greet us (As is common practice in our Drs, no Buzzers saying “NEXTâ€
Well, it’s that time of year again and I have just been looking back on my computer and in my documents to see what I have been up to!!
PHEW!! It’s been quite a year by all accounts!! Something`s I still remember, like the victory we had with BUPA and changing their wording on their documents.
Also seeing our very own Memory cafe on the BBC news and talked about on Radio Devon. Highlights of the year has to be going to the Dementia Uk conference in Bournemouth and going home to my home town of Bolton to speak at the carer`s conference, I was so proud to be asked !!
There are so many other things I have just seen so there are far too many to mention, I would be here all day!!LOL
The very low point of this year was the untimely death of my wonderful mother in June. I still hear her sometimes calling my name, is that the Alzheimer’s or just wishful thinking? I don’t really care what it is; it’s so nice to hear her sometimes. I still miss her so much and if ever a hero walked this earth it was she.
The one thing that does stand out more than anything else is the amount of dear, honest and supportive friends I have made over the last twelve months. It is well documented with me that when I was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago I lost 70% of my “so called friendsâ€
Christmas Day
I have nine grandchildren, two of which live in Australia, one who still lives in the north of England, and six who were in the same front room as me on Christmas day. Can you imagine how hard it is sitting there watching your grandchildren, both young and old run riot, when you know that there is such a good chance you are going to forget all of these happy faces? I have absolutely no memory of last Christmas so being sat there wondering how long it would be before I forget this one was one of the most emotional times I have ever sat through.

The sheer enormity of the situation runs through your bones like shockwaves!! I sat there, trying to smile through complete anguish whilst trying to answer a million questions at once from my darling little ones. It was grandad this? Grandad that? And I have trouble keeping up at the best of times!!LOLL but through all this, all I saw was their smiles and their hopes in their eyes, I could almost feel their future mapping out in front of them, so much to look forward too, so much to do and so much to SAY!!!LOLL

Just then, a hand slipped into mine and when I turned it was my “Angelâ€
Music plays such a big part in my life. If I am in the kitchen, The radio`s on, if we are eating a meal, the CD`s are on and even in the bathroom the radio plays away as I wash and shave. Because of my night terrors (which can keep half the street up!! LOL) I now go to bed about an hour before my wife and listen to my local radio station through my headphones on my walkman and have found that because of this my night terrors have almost diminished into nothing but normal nightmares. Who knows why? But if it works for me then it gives everybody else including my long suffering “Angelâ€
Thankyou for sharing this subject, Normms; I will think more about it, and see if it will help my Mum....xx
All best wishes for the New Year and I'm looking forward to reading more from you x
Yiu are very welcome my friend xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Make Time
Christmas is a difficult time,
For the likes of you and me,
Our illness is hidden inside our head,
It’s hard for all to see,
What it is we go through,
Each and every day,
Is so hard to explain,
In every little way,
But we plod on best we can,
Doing our very best,
Hoping every woman and man,
Will pass this awful test,
So to those of you who see me?
Taking a little more time,
More patient please will you be,
Remember the faults not mine

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx
Of Hope

Cloudy mind`s, heartfelt cries,
Confusion reigns, tear stained eyes,
Memories fading, yet so aware,
Disappearing without a care,
Aching bones and tired hands,
Time slips like shifting sands,
Waking nightmares every night,
Mouth dry, throat so tight,
Daylight arrives, another day,
With Alzheimer’s, never goes away,
Making the best, of my life,
Smiling at my darling wife,
Facing the day with some hope,
It’s the only way to cope

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxx
Awww Norrms you are very clever, keep up the good work. I always enjoy reading your poems.

All the Best for 2011 to you and yours,

Elaine xx
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