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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Aww Norrms you certainly write from the heart don't you?

Take one day at a time that's all you can do. I will never disbelieve people who tell me they have Alzheimer's at such an early age. In fact I have two friends with husband's who were diagnosed in their 50's. It's just people like us have experience of this horrible disease because we care for people who have it or like you actually suffer with it. It's just the ignorance of people who have no experience of dementia that we have to deal with.

Keep your chin up and keep on with the posts matey Image

Best wishes,
Elaine xx
I Miss My
It was in June this year, on the 12th day,
When the Angels came and took you away,
You were gone so quick, no time to cry,
Not even time to say goodbye,
I dreamt last night, you were still here,
Sitting next to Dad with nothing to fear,
We were sat having a meal, fish and chips,
With glass in hand, and a smile on your lips,
You looked so young sat next to Dad,
Dining with your eldest lad,
Dad was taken two years before you,
But there you sat, again as two,
Then I awoke and looked around,
And saw nothing but darkness, without a sound,
It was just a dream, a cruel twist,
Of my family who I still miss,
My heart still aches for you dear mum,
From an ever loving son

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Aww that brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. I miss my Mum too, even though she's still with me physically but not mentally. I lost my 'real' Mum quite some time ago to this cruel Alzheimer's disease. She's now in hospital and has been for the past 4 weeks Image
Things are hard Norrms for all of us carers and sufferers. Keep up with the good work, you should get them published!!

Elaine Image
Talking of early onset dementia - it brings to mind the husband of a friend of mine, who had 'Pick's Disease'; it seems that there are many conditions under the umbrella of Dementia. All of them terrible and soul robbing!
Sending you hugs, Norrms and family. xx
The Loneliness

Imagine this:

You have the most loving supportive family on your side and a wealth of friends that are with you every step of the way, yet you still feel like the loneliest person in the world.

Quite a statement I know, but this is just one of the many ways dementia can make you feel. I am so lucky in many ways yet sometimes I feel as if nobody understands. I just know that’s because it must be so very hard for them to put themselves in my shoes for a day. To be told that you have a brain wasting disease and at the moment there is no known cure is without doubt one of the worst things anybody can be told.

Sometimes I sit in my own little world, remembering things from days gone by. I remember my old house as a child and how I would walk up the backstreet hoping it was chips and pea soup for tea. As I walk in I can see dad sat there “In his chairâ€
Thankyou, Norrms. Your words help me to understand more of how my Mother must be feeling and I take that understanding with me when I visit her. I find that I have more patience and feeling for her since I have been reading your posts ((((((((hugs for you )))))))
Thank you so much my friend and i hope you have a great weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yesterday was the leaving party for our youngest daughter and her family who are emigrating to Australia in eight days time. Family came from far and wide to give her a good send off. Aunties, uncles and cousin we hadn’t seen for ages came to celebrate her new journey in life and her future success.

As I sat there looking round, watching the children run riot playing dinosaurs and lions and marvelling at their imagination it suddenly hit me that everything I was watching seemed to be ten times magnified and much clearer. I found I was noticing things that I hadn’t seen before like how much my grandchildren (who we see quite regularly) are growing up into their own little person`s. Their smiles and laughter seemed louder but much brighter.

I could feel myself going just that bit taller every time they came over for a hug or said “Grandad, do you know what? It was oh so much simpler talking to them than it was the adults!! They take you as they see you; they still see the same old grandad that’s always been there for them and never question when I am staring into space and in my own little world.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody had the same outlook on Dementia as children do? Wouldn`t it be just great if people saw the person and not the illness just as children do? How is it they can come to terms with it so easily, yet some “Grown up adults can`t? We have much to teach our children to put them on the right path of life, but please remember


Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxx
As the party started, I sit and watch with glee,
The children running round, it’s clear for all to see,
That in their little world, a world so full of fun,
Excitement in their eyes, of a future still to come,
The way they look at life, through excited eyes,
Never worrying about tomorrow, today is where it lies,
We can learn so much from them, learn from day to day,
That it’s now that really matters, whatever comes our way,
My dementia is invisible; they don’t see what grownups see,
They just see their grandad, as happy as can be,
If only all us grownups, could do the very same,
Just see the person stood there, without dementia`s name,

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxx
Panorama BBC1 programme
03-Nov-10 15:18
Hiya all, i refrained from saying anything about the panorama programme until i had watched it a couple of times so i didnt have a "knee jerk" reaction,

18,000 people are on these drugs and 1,800 which is (When i went to school 10% are thought to have died as a direct result of these drugs !!! Never in my life can i remeber feeling so utterly shocked and revulsed !!

Lets get this into perspective

If 18,000 people were precribed Calpol or Asprin and as a result 1,800 of them died of possible connections to the drugs mentioned, there would be such a huge public outrage, it would and (could) be classed as Culpable manslaughter. yet because it involves older people who have dementia anyway there doesnt seem to be any outrage about this at all. What kind of world are we living in ??

When are people going to wake up and realise that one day the person on the tv who cant lift his or head up to be fed could be them one day, or if not, their own mother/father/ wife husband ect!!

I`m not saying there isnt a place in the health field for such drugs, but its got to be reviewed as soon as possible.

This HAS to be looked at and his promise of cutting them back by two thirds by next year will be closly watched, ESPECIALLY BY ME!!!!

Sorry, i dont usually rant away but this has really got me going !! LOL LOL
Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxx
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