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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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A few of you have been in touch to suggest that in order to keep track of all the great stuff that Norrms is posting, it would be a good idea to give him his own thread so he can keep adding to it. So this is that thread, henceforth known as 'Norrms'.

We're going to start gradually moving all of Norrms existing posts into here so that nothing is lost.
Typical Day

Some days i wake without a cloud in my head,
Other days i wished i had stayed in bed,
Did i ever do something so wrong?
That made my days ever so long
I can remember quite clearly when i was Ten
And how simple everything seemed back then,
Nowadays I’m lucky to remember,
What happened yesterday or last September!
I know my memory will eventually go,
But before it does, i just want you to know
I’ve got some fantastic kids, and a beautiful wife,
And i have them to thank for my wonderful life.

God Bless you all
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[quote]A weekend visit.

My Alzheimers hasn’t taken this away !! Yet??

It was the strangest feeling as we approached my home town of Bolton. We had moved down to the south coast some nine years earlier and the town of Torquay was now our home. We had only been back to Bolton once on the death of my father three years ago and this was another solemn visit as another member of the family was quite sick. This time I decided to look and see if the street of my birth and the park I used to play on was still there. #

The Friday and Saturday was spent with family then a visit to my Father’s grave, then on the Sunday it was off to Eden Street where I was born. To my amazement nothing had changed and the same street on which I was raised was still standing as proud as ever right in front of me! Eden Street was on a slope with my old house being right in the middle of a terrace row. Built in Victorian times it stood as strong now as ever. Facing was Astley Bridge Cemetery over which my old bedroom used to look. People used to say "How can you live there? But I always replied " the dead can’t hurt you, only the living can do that " then I remembered building an old cart out of old pram wheels with a plank bolted down the middle and string for handlebars! Did we have no fear way back then? We also tied a small piece of wood onto old roller skates and rode down the road on them. Later down the years they were re-invented as the "skateboardâ€

We went into town on Thursday afternoon and was walking through the square when i heard an old friend shout "HEY NORRMS! Is that you? When i turned round i saw my old line manager standing behind me, he was my reason for becoming a manager (well, that and the money Ha Ha) It was so good to see him.

We chatted for a little and tried to swap moblie nunbers but i failed miserably. He jokingly said to me "Derr! give it to me " As he inputed my number into his phone i mouthed at Elaine very quietly "He doesnt know about the Alzheimers" After, he said he would ring me and pick me up to take him and me out for a Beer (coke for me !!LOL) like he used to when i first retired from work because of heart failure, later that day or definatley friday.

He then complimented me on how well i looked considring the diagnosis and prognosis eight years ago. At this point i said thank you so much and then went on to tell him about my Alzheimers diagnosis two years ago. His eyebrows furowed and he looked puzzled. "Dont worry Norrms" he said, i forget things loads of times, how did they come to such a daft diagnosis? he smiled nervously as he said it.

When i explained that i had an MRI scan then a perfusion scan with a report written up by a neruoligist he seemed embarrased, dont know why? Our conversation didnt last much lionger after that.

He hasnt rung or even texted yet

Can`t think why, Can you ???
Me and my AD
Was it
Given to me

As I sit there sometimes in my own little world, totally oblivious to what is going on around me; my AD is at the forefront of my mind. Too many questions? And so little time. I don’t mean time as in the length of my illness but time as in life itself. I always felt as if i had been so lucky to have done so much in such a short time( my short autobiography is free for all to read on request ) but now i always have the feeling as if i am running out of time. I tend to rush things now, and want things done NOW!! Rather than “Wheneverâ€

Alzheimer’s then palpitations beating through my chest
If it wasn’t for my family I would lay me down to rest,
No one knows what we go through, as much as I explain,
The tears, the fears the sorrow, the everlasting pain,
It’s the knowing that’s the killer, of what is yet to come,
How long will it be? Before the setting of the sun,
My speech is getting worse, I forget many things,
I dread each day arriving, and everything it brings,
I try to smile though all of it, pretend that all`s ok,
Hurting deep inside, worrying every day,
That my illness is getting worse, each and every hour,
Instead my memory`s fading, wilting like a flower,
Today is good, tomorrow`s bad, no two days the same,
Sometimes I get so angry, but nobody`s to blame,
So on I walk and sometimes skip, but I never run,
And there are even days, when I have such fun,
So don’t despair, don’t worry now, I will be ok,
I hope we`re friends forever, and that’s the way it stays

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx
The Eyes Of
Alzheimer`s Sufferer

When I as a young boy there was always somebody who had a “Mad Auntâ€

Hi everybody, well, that was quite a week??What with the grill fire and a few dark cloudy days it certainly wasn’t my best!! Sometimes whilst sitting quiet I drift back to my childhood days and the strange thing is, sometimes, I can smell the old smells of yesteryear. The coconut cake my gran used to make and especially the home made fudge. Elaine says i can sit in this catatonic state for quite a while but she always keeps an eye on me just in case. At the moment i can sometimes remember the smells and the images that flash before me, and then sometimes i can’t. I never realised AD could influence this but there `s a lot i don’t know about AD.
This past week I’ve noticed I’ve become just that little bit harder to cope with, so i asked Elaine my wife if i was getting harder to look after, she honestly replied yes but we will cope. It’s both a feeling of guilt and helplessness that i feel. I presume this is common amongst AD sufferers and the feeling is awful. Elaine always says “Never mind the ifs; it’s what happens now that matters.
To try and look forward is the hardest things, “Look forward to what?? I ask myself quite a few times, “A life of things getting worse, or relying on other people to look after me with my needs and tantrums?? But through all this is my need to survive which is stronger than it’s ever been. When you look into your partners/husbands/clients eyes, then look deep into them and i promise you will see the person before AD struck. Give them your warmest smile and you will be surprised by the result. Hope everybody is ok.

God Bless, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxx

A very wise man once said “Every journey starts with a single stepâ€

Is it too soon to be talking of this?
Secretly remembering our first kiss,
Of how you will manage when I’m gone,
When my fight is finished, over and done,
I ask you this with tears in my eyes,
Trying to stifle a million cries,
Don’t be so silly, you`ll outlast me!
Is always your answer, but please will you see,
I need to make sure that life will be kind,
And then you can rest and have peace of mind,
I need to say this before the AD,
Removes all my memories and steals them from me,
I didn’t mean to make you cry,
Just want to be sure that you will get by,
You take hold of my hand and sayâ€
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