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Having meals out. - Carers UK Forum

Having meals out.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
My wife is on a soft diet and most food has to be liquidised. It now seems to be the rage in restaurants and cafes including Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys not to do a soft meal like cottage pie. We have got to the stage now where we do not bother eating out.
Any one else finding the same problem.
Hi - We are heading that way with my mum. We had to start researching before hand the menu of a place we where going to so now stick to just a few we know and trust.

Could you take a meal with you and ask for it to be heated ? One of the places we go to Mum didn’t fancy anything on the menu but staff didn’t mind when I asked if she could eat her own sandwich and crisp. They even bought me a plate out to lay out a little picnic for her.
I still get strange looks when I ask if they will put a coffee in her two handled cup which looks more like a baby cup. So have to explain its for someone with Parkinson’s who can’t hold a normal mug of coffee.

She gets on better using her hands so fish finger and chips ordered from the kiddy menu is quiet a common one for her as it’s softer and smaller portion which is a must with someone with dementia.

Have you thought about picking up a cottage pie from the supermarket itself and asking if they could heat it. They must have a microwave for warming baby food etc. I have yet to be refused help anywhere when I explain my mums various problems so I’m sure they would be accommodating

Like you I want to be able to still go out and have a meal with my mum but it is so hard at times.
I love wht I call "wet"food, casseroles, gravy etc. In my area, some of the garden centres have this sort of food simmering over a bain marie, absolutely delicious. Have you got an electric mini chopper? Maybe take it with you to a garden centre and ask them to whizz a casserole for her?
The best 'soft food' in the world is pasta!

Pasta, pasta, pasta - yummy yummy yummy!

And LOADS of restaurants do pasta!

(er, if you don't like pasta, however, that's not any help!)(and POOOOOORRRRR you - oh, to not like pasta- what hell!)

(Honestly, if I could only ever eat one food it would be pasta! Just a bowl of fresh pasta with salt and butter on it - bliss!!!!!!) (doesn't even need freshly grated parmesan....let alone sauce!)
Thanks for the reply. It is hit and miss what she can eat now. She likes pasta but because it is a bit like fish it collects in her mouth even when covered in pasta sauce. We do sometimes get her a pudding with lots of custard so we can mix it ourselves but feel guilty we are having a dinner when she can not order one she can eat.