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Give me a break...... - Carers UK Forum

Give me a break......

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Cracked a tooth over Christmas and phoned local dentist only to be told I was no longer registered as haven’t been in over 18 months, and they are not accepting new patients until Feb 2018. Even when I explained I’m a carer so I work 24 hours a day 7 days a week either looking after my mum or working full time so haven’t spare time for routine appointments. 111 dental surgery open is 18 miles away and it’s snowing, so sticking mum in car who has dementia and is blind is not a option.
The expression GIVE ME A BREAK.....and the look to the ceiling moment I think.
Well, it's February 2018, so have you registered yourself with the GP. Hope so.

How's mum doing?
Hi - on a off chance just after Christmas we tried a surgery we used nearly 7 years ago who amazingly still had us on the books. They where happy to take us without having to re-register. They also gave mum a check over whilst she sat in her wheelchair and plugged a broken tooth she had rather then give her an injection. I can’t praise them enough. They where so understanding with mum.

The only downside to the visit was I parked next door to the dentist in a pub car park as it was easier to get her in and out of her wheelchair, and at 9.15 in the morning it was quieter.

A week later I received a £60 parking ticket in the post as I hadn’t realised the PUB car park was a pay and display even for Blue badge holders, but that’s my fault for being a muppet and not paying attention more......lol