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Newbie here with lots of questions ...... - Carers UK Forum

Newbie here with lots of questions ......

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hello fellow carers,
my lovely Mum has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s & has been awarded Attendance Allowance - is it true that if I apply for Carers Allowance they will deduct it from her allowance?
I do not work as I care for Mum and look after my Grandchildren while my Daughter works - Thankyou in advance 👍🏻
Hi Joy, welcome to the forum. CUK has a brilliant helpline, email rather than phone. They can give you all the info about benefits you need, for mum and yourself, but in the meantime, from my personal experience, here's my understanding.
Mum's AA wont be affected by your CA, however is she claiming any other income related benefits? How old are you? Be sure to claim mum's exemption from Council Tax on the grounds of "severe mental impairment". This can be refunded back to the date of diagnosis - yes, backdated!!!
Hi Bowlingbun, thankyou for your reply - Mum was diagnosed in January & was awarded AA 2 wks ago, I’m 58 and was told that if I claimed Carers allowance that they give to me with 1 hand & take away from my Mum with the other.
I have just applied for the severe mental impairment for Council tax but have read that This also could be cancelled. I’m very confused lol
P.s......she only Attendance Allowance
If mum doesn't get ant income related benefits, then go ahead with your Carers Allowance claim. I haver never heard of any way a severe mental capacity claim can be cancelled, so claim that too. You may be entitled to other things too, the helpline made me £50 a week bettef off, so email them if you only have limited savings.
Never believe anygthign they say straight off - check ev erything. Sometimes they are simply ignorant, and sometimes they are just 'trying it on'. Any delays they can come up with help their cash flow, so they are 'paid to delay' all applciations. It's a ridiculous and incredibly irritating 'game'. My niece regularly gets told she hasn't replied to this that and the other, and has therefore gone back to the back of the queue.

Make notes of ALL phone calls, write down what they say, the dates and so on. Then get a named individual's email address (at least the department) and write an email immediately saying 'To confirm the phone conversation made this afternoon, I understand that ...' and just state what they said, and what you said, etc. This creates an 'audit trail' they cannot later deny! Do the same with any face to face meetings - be SEEN to be writing down everything they say!!!! Keeps them on their toes. Be civil and friendly, and just say 'I need to keep track of this as it's quite confusing - you guys deal with this all the time and know it inside out, but I'm feeling my way here'...and smile nicely.

Be 'civil', but firm. And insistent. Try not to get their backs up, as that can be counter productive, but at the same time prepare to 'fifth hard' for what you are entitled to.

Re the mental impairment, if necessary, pay the GP to write a letter, as that will be worth the money it saves on council tax!!!!!

Remember, the prime aim of all the NHS/SS is to SVE THEMSELVES MONEY! That is all they are 'tasked' to do - so never expect them to hand it over without a struggle!!!!!!

All the best - Jenny
If you are getting grief re the mental impairment, just go to the .gov site and search for "Council Tax Exemption" where it says about backdating. Print it off and send a copy to the LA. They won't argue any more!
Thanyou all so much for yoyr replies - Iam not getting any notifications that anybody has replied so please bear with me...I ask about severe mental impairment as it says on Carers Allowance form that she may no longer qualify for it? (Mum does not live with me) and I have just applied for it for Mum.
Also, it asks if I act on Mums behalf? Do I put Iam her Guardian?...Mum had LPA draughted by solicitor in 2001 but I have got to get it 'lit'
Cheers in advance
The care and benefits system is very complicated, even for those who have dealt with it for many years (I've been involved for 47!)
The "Severe Mental Impairment" exemption applies to Council Tax only, so you need to approach the local authority which issues Council Tax bills. It's fairly simple to do this.
The Carers Allowance form is issued by DWP, Department of Work and Pensions. I suspect you may have misread the form. If you are claiming the "Severe Disability Premium" because you are living alone without a carer, you lose that benefit from DWP if someone then claims CA, Carers Allowance.
You said mum only claims Attendance Allowance though, so you claim Carers Allowance shouldn't affect anything.
I presume mum has significant savings?
Hi Honeybun & fellow members!
I have sent the Mental impairment letter off to our Council for Tax exemption & am awaiting a decision, Mum has a slightly higher state pension as I think a bit of my late fathers pension was added to it, she receives a small monthly amount from my fathers private works pension & has just enough savings to cover her funeral - so no, she has not got significant savings.
The private pension just stops her from getting Pension guaranteed credit which would have been a godsend to her as last month her boiler packed up & was condemned, she could not afford another 1 so I got our Council involved who put a new boiler in but have put a ‘charge’ against her private bungalow for 5 years - they did this because she hadn’t the funds to do it herself.... it’s been a very stressful time