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dementia just diagnosed info plz - Carers UK Forum

dementia just diagnosed info plz

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
hi an elderly relative of mine has just been diagnosed with dementia, the exact type is unknow
yet as further tests r required including brain scan she is currently under assess ment and being stableized in a specialist centre.
she has been bit confused for a while now but nothing to ring alarm bells but then the start of this week she really started having hillusinations and has wondered of twice, i am concerned as in the space of a week the deteriation in her is drastic nothing makes sense that she is sayin apart from things that are when she was alot younger.
i was my understanding that dementia was a more gradually progressive in this right or can it drasticallydibilitate in the space of a week

any advise or info would be very welcomed

many thanks in antisipation
Hi Gizmo,

Welcome to the forum and I am sure others will be along soon that share the same experiences as yourself.Weekends are a little quieter though so in the meantime please take a look at the following links.You may find them helpful.


http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scrip ... yID=200125

http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/talkingpoi ... /index.php this link is for their forum.

Hope the above is useful to you.

Hi Gizmo - try her GP: this sort of rapid deterioration might be caused by a "UTI" (Urinary Tract Infection) or other infection, like a cold. She may simply be feeling unwell, which can make things worse. It's also possible that things have deteriorated, of course, I'm afraid.

Either way, contact the GP, just in case.
Hi, Gizmo.
Such a rapid deterioration would suggest to me, as it does to Charles, that it may well be a urine infection or chest infection. Happened to my Ma this time last year, frightened me to death and we were told it was dementia and it was no such thing. It was a long haul and a very steep learning curve to get it sorted. Urine sample to GP asap is my advice.
Hang in there.
thanks for the info there are tsets being done i thought that dementia was more of a gradual decline wot sort of time spans are usual
It's difficult to answer that one Gizmo. It varies from person to person and even the type of dementia. The tests will help to identify what's really going on.
thanks waiting to see a specialist on thurs she safe for now in the centre they tryin to stablise her but hallusionattions alot worse and completly talking about when she was still at home with her family cant believe a week ago she was well and could talk about any thing
Gizmo, I am sure they will have checked for urine and chest infections at the assessment centre, but do please ask them. I find that you do have to ask the obvious.
Hi Gizmo,
Sorry to hear about the deterioration in you elderly relative. It may not just be her dementia that is causing this drastic change she may just be generally unwell but it is more difficult to assess someone who is unable to say what is wrong. She may have an infection or underlying illness. Perhaps she is on a new drug which has side effects .The drug may suit her or it may not. Just a thought as every patient is different.
Dont underestimate your knowledge of how she was before she went into care. The proffesionals didnt know her then so cannot assess change in the way that you can see it before your very eyes. She is also perhaps in a new environment which will cause confusion as it can do to all of us in an unfamiliar place.She has so much more to get used to. If you have Dementia it is ten times worse.
Familiar faces people you know and love can all help someone to reorientate a little when they are muddled ,and poorly.All the best Eva.
Well said, Eva.