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New flat put on hold

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi Redex
Sorry I missed your post about the new flat until now. My Mum was poorly last week and I wasn't reading the forum properly.

How are things, has your Mum been able to move from hospital into the flat?

Bluebird x
Hello again folks. Sorry i haven't posted for a while but a lot has been happening. Mum was improving in hospital and we a had a case conference with the hospital nurse, physio, social worker, sheltered accommodation manager and carer company manager. It was decided that she would move straight into the sheltered accommodation when she came out of hospital and they would discharge her in 10 days time. So I had 10 days to arrange everything, get everything moved in, send off change of address details, clean up the old place, sort out the benefits etc.

So I managed it and she moved in at the end of March. Occupational Therapy arranged a hospital bed and a hoist and a glide about commode. I had a nightmare sorting out the prescription as the hospital doctor had changed her meds and the GP surgery made a complete hash of it, but eventually got them sorted into cassettes.

It took a couple of weeks for her to settle in, she wasn't eating much at first and the carers needed to get used to her needs, but they are all very good and by the time of the case conference we had 4 weeks after discharge she had improved a lot. She was eating much better, was joking with the carers and was attempting to walk herself so the carers were starting to walk her part way to the bathroom which in hospital nobody had managed and they had said that physio would be no use. Well now they were saying they would now get physio in as she was so much better than in hospital. Everything was looking up.

If I had been typing this last Thursday thats were i would have left it, but on Friday morning I got a call at work to tell me that Mum was going to A&E as she wasn't herself and her eye was drooping, so they weren't taking any chances. Luckily the drooping eye wasn't a stroke and I am told she has another UTI. She is now on a ward in a bay of 6. One of the other women who clearly has dementia walks around all day talking to herself. She never shuts up and is disturbing all the the other patients. Mum is hardly eating anything again. I went up yesterday and today at teatime to try to get her to eat something.

Today she very agitated. The nurse rang me before I had left work as Mum insisted she ring me. She was very belligerent when I got there. Her tea was pasta which she doesn't like so I don't know who is choosing her meals but it certainly isn't her. I managed to get a potato based spare meal from the tray and she ate a few spoonfuls and then some ice cream, but very little. She has been having some fortijuice every day as well but she can't be getting many calories. She keeps asking to go home and again thinks I am terrible for making her stay there and that i don't care. She says she is going to go mad if she stays there and I think the main reason is this other woman who doesn't shut up all day. She wonders all over the place and walks right up to people and I think mum is scared of what she will do. She is actually harmless but in Mum's confused mind, goodness knows what she thinks. I also think she is not getting her usual afternoon nap as there is never any peace.

She is on antibiotics for the UTI but they don't seem to be doing anything yet. They have only just taken another sample to be sent to the lab as they said the one on the computer was an old one, so they don't know whether they are using the right antibiotics yet.

I had to sneak out whilst she wasn't looking as every time I tried to leave she was pleading with me not to go and leave her on her own.
Hi Redex

Really sorry to hear that your Mum is in hospital especially after things were looking up for both of you. I do hope that the antibiotics start to work very soon,

Sending you hugs, you must be so stressed out, please keep us updated.