re: Small things but driving me loopy

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Whatho peeps

Annoying habits of our carees. For me, leaving tv blaring after going bed while conversely switched things off at socket (including main freezer earlier in year) but worst of all 'dousing' fire with ash. Just why? :-???

This has happened yet again this afternoon so refusing relight it this time. :mad:
I watch TV when I go to bed, have a timer so it goes off around midnight. Might help.
Freezer is more of a problem, but when I lived in outback Australia, and regular power cuts, they said it would all be OK for at least 24 hours AS LONG AS YOU DIDN'T OPEN IT!!
Mine has too many to list, but chief among them is interrupting a routine operation, something like getting her washed and dressed in the morning by telling me halfway through what clothes she wants to wear that day. I don't want to know that until I need to know that, mainly because once I have a routine established I can go through it on autopilot and any deviation makes me forget aspects of that routine.
Mother shouting 'help' at night because her foot was itching, but is alright now!!!
my hubby grunts constantly, counts says the days of the week over and over again, and says oh dear many times a day and night He is wheelchair bound has several medical issues besides the Alzheimer's Anyone else come across this behaviour I have resorted to audiobooks at night with earphone firmly clamped on . :-???
No but you certainly have my sympathy. It must drive you crazy. Mine switches lights on and off and on and off and even that drives me mad.
On the lights, does he notice whether they go on and off (ie, can he spot the difference?) If not, maybe you could have some 'fake switches' put up, unconnected with the electricity supply, so he can just turn them on and off endlessly but they dont' actually do anything....