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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Rough day today....Mum who suffers with Parkinsons Dementia....well she decided to sit down mid air so had to carry out a controlled fall.....my fault as I was the wrong side of her to stop the fall... Ambulance was called to get her upright....so I'm sitting here after a very very long day and mum starts kicking off again. I'm cream crackered and not in the mood so I put some music on for her. A bit of Andre Rieu tonight....and the change is almost instant....she is sitting quietly in her chair humming along to the music....does anyone else find that music helps ???
Well done to you for thinking of putting on the music despite being exhausted.

I don't have experience of dementia but music often works for S and helps many of my children at school who have special needs,

Melly, a good while back there was a programme on the TV about a conductor whose son had autism, and he organises concerts for autistic children (and possibly adults?) which he says they really enjoy and seem to get real benefit from. They don't have to 'sit quietly' while the orchestra plays.

You may have seen the programme - alas, I can't remember who the conductor was.

I do think music can have immense restorative powers (unless it's Rap, when I just want to get a gun and shoot the bloody rapper to make him SHUT UP!!!!! :) :))
Hello Linda :)

It is well documented that listening to music or joining in with a sing-a-long is beneficial for those suffering with dementia; especially if the music reminds them of their past. Currently most Care Homes will be using music and songs from the 1940's and earlier as their residents are mostly in their 70's and 80's.

http://www.ageuk.org.uk/health-wellbein ... and-music/

(I often wonder what kind of will music will be being played when we reach that age ? The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath etc, etc ?????????????? :shock: )
Yes, I'm also wondering that. As someone in their early sixties with very eclectic musical tastes (from 1970s prog rock/Neil Young through to classical baroque/Tudor music) I really don't want to be sitting in my care home listening to Vera Lynn!

Also, as my generation are fairly well wedded to their computers and Iphones, care homes will need to have efficient WiFi on tap. My mum (early 90s) was, I think, one of the first of her generation to use a computer and is now the only one in her care home who regularly surfs the net, makes online purchases etc. (much to the amusement of the care staff).
I was only saying yesterday how amazing it is that when we reach a certain age (maybe 55 or so), we are suddenly expected to like music that was popular in the 1940s. But maybe with more older people around we can put a stop to this.
Mum loves Andre Rieu, if she doesn't like anything on TV I have several DVD's as a stop gap. She will watch it over and over although I have come out of her room after a while (there is only so many Straus waltzes I can take in one go !) I also have a lovely relaxing CD in her bedroom which helps her to go to sleep (along with some lavender pillow spray).
The mention of funeral music made me smile....when my father passed away we asked for Mambo number 5 to be played....we had fond memories of my dad standing at the sink peeling the spuds listening to that song and wiggling his bum like the scene from the comedy The Royal Family with Jim Royal and Twiggy when they where re-decorating the living room.

But you could have heard a pin drop in the crematorium when it first started as only me and mum understood the meaning of the music.....until the funeral director took off his black hat and yelled out to mum " come on girl show us your dance moves" and that was it mum started dancing from her wheelchair and everyone erupted in laughter.....it was a celebration of his life and even now when I hear it on the radio it makes me smile.
I love it. I watched that episode recently on tv and it always makes me smile. What a lovely memory for you to have.