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Merry Christmas everyone. - Carers UK Forum

Merry Christmas everyone.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
I didn't think there would come a time when my husband would not appear to be part of Christmas but it has arrived this year. The family will come in rotation over the next few days and it will all go on around him. How do other carers feel?
For years now Mum hasn't really had any idea of what's going on at Christmas time. I suppose she might remember as she actually unwraps her presents, but I'm honestly not sure. For me, there's very little Christmas spirit, as we always spend Christmas alone. Oh well, I think and hope that she had a nice day. And I can't help but think, thank goodness it's over.
I agree with that Koala. In spite of it all I had a good day yesterday with one part of our family. Managed to get a reasonable photo of my husband. It is difficult to get him sitting up and looking up and some sort of a smile. After much deliberation, I am taking him to our family get together tomorrow. As our 3 families are spread and busy we have a day together over xmas. I will have lots of help, the wheelchair taxi will arrive at 12.45 lunchtime. Will probably return between 4 or 5pm. I am taking him in case underneath it all, he might be aware of what is going on and aware of being left out of it. It would be very easy to leave him at home where he is comfortable in his armchair and everything is easily to hand.
He may surprise you daffy. The last Christmas that my FIL, who had vascular dementia, lived he came to the family gathering on boxing day. He had no idea who we were and just sat and smiled at us, but it was obvious that, in some way, he knew we were all family.
Here we are back home. Nothing registered with him but I was happy I hadn't left him at home. We stayed 3 hours which was about the right amount of time.