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Memory clinic

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Finally gp has done a referral to memory clinic for my mother in law,been waiting since April because of blood tests and gp saying it could be this that and the other,well she went for an hospital appointment about one of her meds and we told the Dr everything so he wrote back and said she needs a referral,last week she saw the gp who has finally done referal as bloods are all fine,it's very hard and sad because father in law is in a care home and now mother inlaw has signs of dementia,I am along with husband finding it hard to cope.
Hi Tracie
Dad had his first stage memory clinic appointment a few weeks ago and although he was quite good when it came to remembering most things within reason he made enough slips and hesitations to be referred on to the next level. I think the appointment may be after my holiday now as I haven't heard anything yet. I'm not sure they will do much to help but somehow just having it acknowledged by the professionals will be a help in itself, otherwise as a carer you feel you are making mountains out of molehills and imagining problems that might be explained away by other issues.
I've been told the second stage of the process tests to see which areas of the brain are affected. I hope you find the process of some help.
Mum's first appointment at the memory clinic was on one of her good days and lead to "mild cognitive impairment, see what she's like in six months and we'll do some more tests". I insisted, calmly and politely I hasten to add, that they book her in now, so he did. Turns out she has mixed dementia - vascular and alz. Now I have a diagnosis I can quote, it's made life a lot easier getting help and filling in forms. She found the concentration required for the tests exhausting and slept a lot and was very confused in the following couple of days. Remember you know the caree far better than any psyche chap or chappess and they need to listen to you to understand the day to day problems.
15 week wait for an appointment, can't cope now let alone wait 15 weeks.
Well Dad just had the second stage memory clinic test and it is likely to be a month before we hear from the consultant . I have posted further info on my original thread but didn't want to hijack this one so moved most of my post across.
No need to move post Hun

It's going to be wait till something happens and then help will be there
Memory clinic have the referal,I was told two weeks for an assessment and 15 week wait for treatment now it's 15 week to be seen and 15 week for treatment,my husband and I are doing this alone no help at all from any family.
My mum was first referred to a memory clinic well over a year ago. We finally got an appointment but the doctor kept on changing the time or day and then said it was my fault that I kept changing it, I got cross he put the phone down after swearing at me. By then mum was totally against the idea, as her mind was a bit clearer then. It did submit a formal complaint but didn't get any where, his word against mine! Mum was finally seen by a lovely doctor about 3 weeks ago, he did all the tests but she could hardly do any of them. I still believe if she saw them in the begining things may have been a lot better. I don't know what stage she is at, but I suppose I can ask at her follow up. Which has been rearranged twice, buy them, again!! :angry: she has been prescribed " Memantine " does anyone know anything about these?. They started 7 days at 5mg, 7 days at 10mg, then continue with 15mg. She was so tired and had no energy on the upper dose so I put them back to 10mg until we see doc next.
Had a call yesterday memory clinic had a cancellation so we have been today,it was a long appointment lots of questions,we told them everything we explained everything,she went on to do a memory test while she was doing this test we was asked more questions,mother inlaw seems to be anxious at appointments which is fine most people are also she feels stressed all the time for no reason so this was noted down we do all her finances and her only worry is going seeing husband everyday in a care home he is being looked after we did all agree she brings on stress herself,our concern is the last three year her memory is is awful she forgets what's been said in appointments why she has to attend even if we st social events she asked where she just been took her to bank for new pin she asked why she was at the bank,we get constant phone calls about appointments weeks before right up till she attends bills what have been paid are put away but she gets them out leaves them for me as she says they need paying,she still drives and has been told she still can as they have no power to do so,the lady who did these tests she came in and asked us a question about one of them and we said no she said the test is ok not brilliant now she booked in for Mri scan and will go back to clinic in six weeks.
Tracie, personaly, I would phone DVLA and ask what the situation is. I can't think you MIL can still be safe to drive if her memory is that poor! Someone's life may be at risk if she continues to drive. Including hers!