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Meds issues and still no support - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Meds issues and still no support

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Care company started on Wednesday made a complaint first day and also second day,no excuse as its same care workers from last time what have left the other company and gone working for the ones we are trying now
Going to let the carers do what they want
Oh Tracie, that is wrotten luck inheriting the same bad carers from the old company. Maybe have a discussion with new care manager and say what problems you have encountred before and for them to ensure it is not repeated. You could mention the name of the old care company and they may twig that the carers came from there . Then if things don't improve complain and explain what has been happening. I know it's s truggle fighting but if you don't they will take advantage.
Different carers everyday new carers not doing as they should either not just the ones from old company,it's hell and I feel so ill
Tracie, are you sure that mum can still manage at home under these circumstances. Have you thought about residential care. I know just how much stress you have been under in recent years.
She does not meet the criteria to go into a home,her wishes are to be at home
Carers had a months trial it was up wednesday,we sacked them friday despite complaints nothing was done and care company not interested when rang them friday all the did was tell social services and had hassle from duty worker,i am so glad i spoke to top boss from social services she will speak to me tomorrow
I was promised I would get a call from my support worker from my local carers centre not had no call,I was promised something would be sorted it for mother in law nothing has,I have sorted mail out answered calls when she rings and hubby took her shopping Drs instructions due to my health am not allowed to do it all day everyday.