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Medication - Carers UK Forum


For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
My mum has vascular dementia.We are still coming to terms with it and finding it very difficult at the moment.

She is currently on Mirtazapine 30mg and venlafaxine 150mg also diazepam when needed.

Is anyone else on these meds and what doses are they currently on as these doses seem to be doing nothing.The doctor has told us there are no meds for vascular dementia.
Now there talking about antiphyschotics!!!! (not sure of spelling)not sure about these meds. Any advise would be very much appreciated.x
Hi Ellen

don't think I can be of much use in this instance - my Mum had Alzheimer's for which there are various medications that can help slow down the progress of the disease.

Vascular Dementia is caused by 'mini' strokes and, as such, there is no specific drug to treat it. Usually doctors will 'treat' VD with drugs designed to minimise the risk of further strokes, like statins.

Both Mirtazapine and Venlafaxine are used to treat depression and anxiety - could you ask your Mum's GP for a referral to a Consultant Geriatric Psychiatrist ? They specialise in treating dementia and mental health problems in the elderly and probably have more knowledge than the average GP.
Thank you for your reply.Mum had a psychiatrist they put her on the meds for depression and anxiety.They treat the symptoms as they come along but there not the best help trying to get hold of them is hard enough.

Mums dementia was caused by a heart problem she had to have a pacemaker fitted but the damage had already been done.

Thank you for replying.x
With a Geriatric Psychiatrist (one specialising in dementia and working with the elderly) you usually get seen regularly every 6 months or so and meds can then be tweaked accordingly by them rather than being left to the GP (who tends to be a 'jack of all trades and master of none').

It could be worthwhile asking for a re-referral back to the psychiatrist who originally saw your Mum - it may be that other anti-depressants would suit her better.
Mum has now been put on a antiphyscotic not sure if this a good thing or not?
Sometimes I feel it would be better to take her of all these meds they don't seem to do anything at all!!!!
Mum went away with dad at the weekend on Friday they were back by Sat.She was terrible so out of her comfort zone dad said she was a totally different person to she is at home he had never seen her like it,knocking on peoples caravan doors trying to give people money getting really stroppy and nasty very agitated very anxious as soon as they returned home she was fine.
We have a cpn coming to see us on the 16th July.We are finding things really hard and just don't know how we will cope seeing her getting worse.
Hi. I have no experience of dementia but do know a little about anti-depressant meds.

The combo mum is on is quite powerful, Venlafaxine in particular. Sometimes Mirtazapine is brought in as it works in conjunction with the Venlaf, especially if there is a level of concern about increasing the dosage of the latter in order to treat symptoms.

Regarding the antipsychotic, if it has produced a marked change in mum's behaviour, I wouldn't wait until the 16th July to speak to someone. See if you can have a telephone consultation with the CPN prior to this, explaining your concern at the severity of change in symptoms. Sometimes meds can take a while to "settle in" but any unusual and worrying changes should really be examined and discussed and I think in this case, you need to know if the new med could be causing it and if can normally have that effect at the start of treatment.

Hope it goes well.
Thank you ladybird they told us she could become more anxious at first so to give her diazepam along side it.
That seems to be the answer to everything "pop a pill"!!!! but what can you do.Thank you for replying and advice.x
Mums been put on antipyschotics but has had to come of for a week as she has had 3 falls so we need to see of its them causing the falls as she has arthritis in her knee and its very swollen at the moment.
She has been so nasty lately quite evil and I am struggling to deal with it.Just want to walk away.We are seeing the CPN our first appointment next week.So hate dementia changes everybodies lives!!!!
Ellen, is anyone spoorting you? Is there a carer's support worker in your area. These are tough times for you, it might help offload some feelings and see if there are any coping strztegies you could learn.
Ellen come on here and post as often as you like. We are always here for you. If you feel you need further support, on a one to one basis and we will try signpost you to some places for further help and support.