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Little miracles and unpredictability. - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Little miracles and unpredictability.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Sajehar, well done. Enjoy yourselves.

daffy, it doesn't take any time to get back to "normal" does it? But keep on grabbing time when you can anyway. I am pleased he willingly accepts help from the visiting care staff.

Problem is these visitors cause a disruption in your day no matter how good they are. Well, sometimes the visits are a relief but still a .......well, I won't go on!
Sajehar, any luck or further forward with tests and/or diagnosis yet? can any of us help?
Hello Sajhar
There is an NHS Wheelchair service so that you can have it in the house ready for when you need it. We got one and as I am only 4 years younger than my husband our doctor didn't want me pushing it and so we bought a battery via the internet and put it on and everyone that uses it finds it a help over gravel and slight inclines. It is a help on hills as well but just assists as it is not meant for hills. I doubt now that ours will be used anymore.
A little Christmas miracle. My mum was diagnosed in 2002 with Alzheimer's and with the help of meds has put up a big fight but in the last few months its been heartbreaking to see her begin to lose the battle. She often sits for hours passively or when she does speak it comes out all jumbled up. Yesterday she came with my dad to join in our Christmas day buffet I came from the kitchen and my mum looked up at me and with a huge smile which was reflected in her eyes and lit up her face she said Hello Sallyann ( my posh sunday name , she was the only one in the family to use it frequently) it was like she was seeing me properly for the first time in months as if I was the one that has 'been away' somewhere it was over in seconds and difficult to describe properly but was a very emotional moment which I will cherish as she slips once more under Alzheimer's cruel spell.Precious.
SunnyGirl, thank you for sharing this....it is the moments like this we seek and which are so rewarding. rewarding is the wrong word actually. can't think of an alternative right now though, sorry. Image
Aw, Sunnygirl, that is lovely. We all need those reminders from time to time to keep going.
A precious memory for you to treasure Sunnygirl