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Life Insurance Policies? - Carers UK Forum

Life Insurance Policies?

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.

Dad moved in 5 weeks ago, recently diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Since a week ago he has totally gone off the scale - from very short term memory and forgetfulness to absolutely nothing. Confused 24/7 with no recovery in sight.

He had a water infection (also a dialysis patient at 78) which set it off and it seems now we have lost him to the dementia, possibly advanced by the infection.

He is in hospital at the minute but will go from there to a nursing home.

Having a very practical mind, I need to start sorting things. He has 3 life insurance policies and I am unsure of what to do now.

Do I just keep paying them on his behalf, or do they have things in place to deal with such situations?

Any help appreciated.

My brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer whilst in Uruguay with his second wife, leaving me to sort out and sell the contents of his bungalow, and then sell his bungalow. I came across a number of policies, and contacted each one to tell them that what the situation was, and to give them my address for correspondence. Fortunately, I had Power of Attorney, which I copied and enclosed with my letters. I asked them to let me know if there was any possibility of a payout in view of the terminal diagnosis, and managed to get thousands of pounds for him, which he desperately needed. However, these were standard policies, and policies can vary hugely.

To keep things under control, I used a lever arch file with dividers and plastic sleeves, labelling one "Halifax" "HSBC" etc. in alphabetical order, for the basic details of each company. If I had to do something, I had a file labelled "Do it Now" (a phrase which is a bit of a family joke) and a Pending file, for things I'd asked about but was waiting for an answer. So if you feel you are wallowing in paperwork, this might help.

As he has just moved into your place, has he now fully left where he used to live? If not, the council might give a rebate on Council Tax if he's going straight to a nursing home. It's a very difficult time, so be kind to yourself, don't visit every day, that takes up all your time and is horribly stressful.
Thanks for the links Sunny, I will have a read :)

Hi Bowlingbun, yeah he still has the house but its in the process of being sold (a recent sale fell thru again) so I have contacted the local council today and they are sending some forms to sort that out.

Its pretty horrific to be honest, its happened overnight really, there one minute and gone the next. I am seeing him daily at the hospital but he has no idea who I am, where he is or whats going on, poor guy, I really hope the end is soon for him because noone should have to live like that.

There is a nursing home 3 streets away (2 minute car ride) so he is going there, and we will visit every day to start with, then every 2 or 3 since he is only around the corner. Once it gets very bad then we will look again at the situation because as you say, it isn't nice, but I need him to know there is someone there for him.

I feel so bad for him, but as I said, I hope its over quickly.
My mum was hovering between life and death for a year, unable to do anything for herself. I've been there, it's so tough. Don't wear yourself out visiting, especially if the house is still in the process of being sold. You MUST look after yourself because sadly, it might be a long haul.
My husband has vascular dementia and had strokes. He's now in a nursing home. As you can imagine I'm heartbroken. However,with advice from people on the forum and staff,Im learning to have some visit free days. Honestly,they are needed. Not just so you can get other things sorted or have some 'normality' but seeing the other poor residents can be so upsetting. Hubby still knows and is pleased to see the family and me. Has no concept of time and confabulates. It's so very hard seeing him like this. I do hope you can find some sort of balance . I'm still trying to.
I really feel for you
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