For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Could anybody explain Lewy Dementia to me, I read a post a while ago, and stupid me cant find it
again. I'm interested in this , as my mum seemed to have this near the end before she died. and was never diagnosed , she had the ordinary dementia , "if you can call it that",
Mum hallucinated a lot, and was able to see dead people in the house too. I feel so stupid not finding
the post about this, my heads been all over the place. so if somebody can explain this Lewy to me
thanks Minnie
Minnie - have a look on the Alzheimer's website too - they explain all the different kinds of dementia's on there not just Alzheimer's.

www. alzheimers.org.uk
Myrtle- very helpful, cleared up a lot of questions in my mind.
Susieq- checked this site out, very informative
Thanks again Image Minnie