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Hi All,

I have just had a letter this morning from our local AS group. They are starting up a new group for daughters who look after a Mum or Dad. Having the first meeting in July with a tea,over looking the sea, in a local hotel.
Just wondered if any others up and down the country run these kind of groups.

I shall try and go along, to meet others in the same boat as myself, who also look after their Mum as I do.

Love Sonia xxxx
Yes Sonia, ours do Image

We have two support groups - one meets Wednesday evenings every three weeks and the other Monday mornings every three weeks. We also have two Memory Cafes that meet every other Saturday morning where we can also take our Caree along and they get looked after too.

I usually manage to get to the Monday morning ones and find them very useful - talking to other Carers and getting information from the Alzheimer's support workers.