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Katie Hopkins' ignorant comments re. dementia - Carers UK Forum

Katie Hopkins' ignorant comments re. dementia

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
I have always disliked this bigot of a woman who thrives on sensationalism to court publicity. Here is her latest denigrating and offensive remark re. dementia patients............

http://www.itv.com/news/2015-04-08/stup ... -comments/
Hmm, well, quite apart from the fact that some 'journalists' (if that is what such folk are!) seem to make a living from being deliberate controversialists, personally, I think anything expressed on Twitter is 'irrelevant' because such remarks can only ever be, or come across as, off the cuff comments without context etc. (I could never ever use Twitter as I am incapable of writing short things!!!!).

But, that said, I don't think either of the comments quoted seem particularly controversial, do they? People with dementia shouldn't be in 'ordinary hospitals' which are for acute conditions, they should be in specialist geriatric hospitals or nursing homes where they can be well treated both for their physical ailments and in an environment that is 'gentle' on their dementia. I don't think that's controversial, is it? The fact that there are no/few such places doesn't mean they should not be set up. In fact, I've read on this forum that they were actively closed down some years ago 'to save money'......

And not wanting ourselves to die of dementia is not an unusual sentiment to express, is it? I don't want my MIL dying of it, though she probably will, simply because she is so healthy otherwise! I'd rather she 'keeled over' from a fatal heart attack or stroke, than linger in a twilight world. BUT she isn't there in that twilight world yet, and until she is (the end stage where, and I have seen it with my own eyes, both in my SIL's mother and now, in the 'deep dementia' wing of the nursing home my MIL is in currently, where these poor lost souls simply lie in their beds, the person 'long gone'.....none of us could wish that for those we love, or ourselves? The only 'good thing' is that hopefully the person themselves is not distressed or in pain, and probably not even aware that they are near dying?

Nevertheless, despite the logic of not wanting anyone to die of dementia, or that they should be in hospitals for acute conditions, doesn't make the way KH expressed herself sound 'kindly', and for that reason she shouldn't have said it in the medium that she did, or with the flippancy that she expressed.

With dementia, we have to realise that there is a vast difference between what might be called 'functioning' dementia, where the person yes, has dementia, but their quality of life can be perfectly enjoyable and 'rich', and end-stage dementia where the reverse is sadly true. A diagnosis of dementia is no more a signal of 'instant doom' than a diagnosis of cancer is - there is a long way to go before it becomes fatal.
I have no idea why anyone bothers to report her views on anything. She isn't even funny, just pathetic.
She has a column in The Sun. :? Unfortunately she appeals to certain narrow minded people (bigots, like herself) but she also succeeds in having the title of the most hated woman in UK. Such a long list of things she dislikes - single parent families, northerners, the unemployed, ginger people, fat people, suicidal prisoners ("they should just kill themselves"), those with tattoos ..... (I could go on) oh, and now those who have dementia!

I hope she does make an apology for her insensitive remark about dementia patients just blocking hospital beds. If she does though, it will be more about media pressure, i.e. will not be sincere. She is a very cold, hard woman.
Amy, you missed out about her saying she could tell which children she'd like her own children to be friends with, simply by what name they were called! Any child called anything like Chardonnay or Wayne would not meet her 'approved' list!

I do think she sometimes says things which 'no one else dare say but quite a lot of people think'. After all, when it comes to children's names, most of us can tell that a child called something like 'Iphigenia' or 'Octavia' is unlikely to come from the same socio-economic class as a child called Chardonnay or Jaydene. That isn't to say that either socio-economic class is 'undesirable' simply that they are at polar opposites.

As I say, I think her remarks about dementia were not 'untrue' but they were 'insensitive' to those who both have dementia and those of us who care for a family member with dementia.

I think in the USA they call 'journalists' like her (and again, I'm not sure whether that is fair to journalists to call her one!) 'shock jocks' as in they make a living out of going as near to the bone as the laws of libel will allow. Certainly they often exceed the realms of 'normal decency'.

Perhaps people like her do serve a useful moral purpose, as they can perhaps 'bring us up short' in terms of opinions we hold that she holds up an unpleasant mirror to! Also, perhaps one useful result of what she has posted about dementia is that it has brought this very difficult subject up to the fore again, and made 'society at large 'realise what a crippling problem it is for sufferers and family and society overall, and is only likely to get worse as the demographics of an ageing population increase the numbers of dementia sufferers. It isn't a problem that will go away, or can be pushed under the carpet, or have folk vaguely hope 'it won't happen to me and mine'......

In that sense, any publicity or coverage about dementia is to be welcomed. The worst thing we can do is try to ignore it.....
She's made an entire career from saying controversial stuff.

Ignore it and she might go away :)
Never heard of her- says it all really
You'll hear of her soon enough Henrietta - she's about to be given her own TV show :(

She's an opionated bigot of the first order who thrives on creating controversy.
I have my off button poised and ready