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I'm in bits, I just don't know what to do - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

I'm in bits, I just don't know what to do

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
For what it's worth , Nikki ... the NHS Ombudsman on UNSAFE hospital discharges ... the conclusion to a major report on the
whole issue :

https://www.ombudsman.org.uk/publicatio ... conclusion

Does NOT make good reading !

Suffice to say , mere words ...

WE are picking up the pieces nationwide ... WHO out there is protecting us from the failings of the system ???
On this so reminds me of fighting my husband's corner in the nursing home. I once suggested to the manager that she organised a training session, staff trying to cut up meat with a fork, or control a yoghurt pot, with one hand behind their backs. Never happened as far as I know. Then constantly explaining the hubby wasn't deaf so please don't shout! They knew he hated noise, so if he told them to #### off it was their own fault. DD2 once said to the new manager, I hope you are going to sprinkle some common sense around the place.
Hubby is much missed by us all,but the battles for him are not. Think we still feel weary from it all at times.
I'll have a read of that a report. The sad thing for me is that the care she is getting is like the curate's egg - good in parts. I'm told she is eating better but I have my doubts. While I'm there the food is plonked and left. I'm not sure if they just leave me to it or what but there never seems much effort. She certainly ate some of the strawberries and other fruits I took in.

It is so exhausting though trying to keep up.
i’ve been where and your Mum are now so I understand and sympathise. Mum fell over on her back onto concrete and we had to wait over 4 hours for an ambulance. This was a couple of years ago. She did not break anything but was extensively bruised and had internal bruising too so it was a slow recovery. She had a total of 10 weeks in hospitals and the anaesthetics, medication and strange surroundings made her even more confused but she got through it and is now 95.

It is horrible seeing your Mum even more confused and in pain isn’t it .... it really does age them. Xx
95 eh? Mum's starting to recover a bit of herself and although she isn't back to normal it's closer than we have been. We don't know when she'll be coming out though. They are finding it hard to get her to mobilise and she is impossibly fidgetty. She always was though. That's nothing new.