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I just despair!! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

I just despair!!

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi Elaine

I'm glad things appear to be improving, but if you don't hear from them when you think you should, or things seem to be taking too long, get back onto them and Pester. It's often the quiet ones who get put on the back burner.

Hi Elaine,

I'm so pleased that things are actually moving in your situation. As Christine has said, keep on at them - go on, make a name for yourself! lol.....just think of what your Dad would have said. Image
Or if you want to practise, write it all out and post it on here!
I love your little beagle dogs - do you have a bigger picture of them that you could post? would love to see them properly Image xx
Hi Caring Mind and Coffeeholic,

Thanks for your replies. Pester is my middle name from now on, I WILL pester until I'm blue in the face!! It's Tuesday today so I'm still awaiting a phone call from my 'new' social worker, as I said in a previous post, I'm impatient!! The 'Crisis Team' are still calling in on Mum just at breakfast to ensure she eats and prompt her to get dressed. Ha, what a joke, I went to pick Mum up yesterday at 11am for a dental appointment. I get round there and she's still in her nightie, so much for them getting her dressed or prompting her!

Yes I will try and enlarge the photo or perhaps get another photo of my two dogs - Bella and Blossom, I'm no good at computer stuff tho so I'll have to get hubby to do it. I have two cats as well Rolo and Fudge. Fudge is my baby, he's a ginger and white kitten aged 5months. My animals are about the only thing that keep me sane Image

Do you know Caring Mind I'm sure you have my mother!! Image I read your posts and you sound exactly like me!! You don't have to give her back though!! ha ha

Will post again later when I figure out how to send this photo,

Elaine Image Image


Hope we've done this right, but you should see my 2 dogs and another pic of my youngest dog with kitten - Fudge.

Elaine xx
Hi Elaine

they are all gorgeous - Fudge can come and lodge with us anytime !! My Harry would love to have him to stay !

Oooohhh Harry you are a lovely little chappie Image

Hi Susieq, I'm sure my brood would love to meet Harry, especially Fudge as he just loves playing with other cats. I bought him some toy mice today and he's never stopped playing with them, up until now when he has conked out in front of the fire Image Image

Oooohhh Harry you are a lovely little chappie Image
Not so little Image at 17lbs definitely overweight, every time we have to go to see the vet I always get told off Image Image Image Image Image

But I wouldn't be without him - he keeps me sane Image Image Image