Hope GP has not made it worse?

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Thanks Henrietta - they are my family and my best friends in the world.
I totally understand too. I haven't a pet now,but our family spaniel was very very important. Much loved and still missed after 22 years. DD1 has a lovely cat, DD2 a dog. So much part of the families.

District nurse came out on Monday after one came on Friday. She agreed not an ulcer yet and left cream which he has not used or let me use.

She did ask questions and make suggestions such as asking why he slept on the sofa. I did say that we had discussed having a bed in the office. He then said his bed upstairs would not fit in the office!!!Heavens knows where i was supposed to sleep if that came downstairs and he is right, now ay would a super king size fit in but a double would . She mentioned how slim he was. I mentioned the dietician and that it was a problem following her advice. No further action but do have a contact number if it gets worse.

He did insist on showing her a book he had published back in 1992 and went on and on abut having been MD of a PLC -company closed n 1991! I think he was trying to say he knew more about skincare than the dermatologist although he was a chemist not a pharmacist.This living in the past to me is very much as sign of dementia as is the lack of self care. It was over 25 years ago since he ran a PLC and it only ever employed 5 people so was not exactly ICI. Maybe he needs to stress his intelligence???? I think the nurse was bemused by the book frankly.

Since her call was unexpected she did get to see him in a dirty dressing gown - I do try and steal them to wash as often as I can. He also said he had some shampoo that would work in the bath. Er.....it was made back in 1990 and he insisted on taking the huge bottles with us when we moved. It is outside near the shed and I did show her. I think we can safely say he won't be using this in the bath.None of this seems normal and she did say to me that I could only try my best.

So I am still debating re letter to GP. I frankly think if he went into hospital my best option would be to literally BEG her to see me although we are at different surgeries as I would feel happier speaking face to face rather then writing.

I do feel it is a matter of time before it becomes obvious something is wrong. It is nearly 5pm and he has had nothing to eat.

He hates the Fentanyl patches and says they do not work and wanted ot leave the old patch on when he added the new ones today. My worry with that is that the old patch might fall off and would be a danger to the kittens and cats if they played with the patch,.. Also in theory he could overdose. Nurse did say that Fentanyl same medication as the liquid morphine which he says DOES work so not sure what is going on. Nurse did say morphine slow release tablets might be an option. I do feel he will be out of liquid morphine way before next Friday. He seems to think the patches are 'fake'. Again could this be part of the dementia thing - a kind of paranoia?

We did get to the quiz last night. Kept to my reverse psycology by saying that I did not like quizzes because that means he will want to go. I should really go and try and get him to have some Fortisips.

Well thanks for reading - I guess I have to balance the risks against the gains of writing to his GP. We are seeing her next FRiday so may hold fire and see how he is then and what is going on re the patches . I think he may well phone 111 when he runs out of the morphine as in starting the third bottle to get on file that the pain relief is not working. I cannot help feeling 37.5 Fentanyl pain patch and 40 mg morphine should be helping more. I just hope he does not tell the GP that the Fentanyl patches are fake?