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Holidays... - Carers UK Forum


For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Here at home..... we have daily carers, an enabler once a week, and I can sleep in a separate room so I get a night sleep.....

Now he wants to go on holiday !! With me... on a coach...... like we used to.... ( I know, sad, isn't it?)

It would mean..... me dealing with his dementia in front of the other people on the coach

me dealing with his stoma and bag as the carers will not be there

me having to sleep in the same room when he is up and down to the bathroom all night....

me being prepared for any health emergency away from home and our wonderful GP

Holiday??? ...... I need to talk him out of this...... :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
Mary, my husband often says about a holiday. I usually say something like, oh love I would love to have a holiday with you. Not yet though, the weather is awful, or its school holidays or.......
He seems to accept that and I change the subject as much as I can. He loved a holiday, more than me if I'm honest. It's all so heartbreaking as I only wish we could and that will never happen now.
Hi Mary,
How forgetful is he? Will he soon move on to wanting something else?

If not, there are holidays for carers and the caree which include nursing care for the caree. We have had various threads on the forum about this. Organisations such as http://revitalise.org.uk/respite-holida ... r-centres/ do offer personal care and stoma care and cater for those with dementia. A lot more expensive than a coach holiday though ...Might be grants etc available.

Definitely a case for using "delaying tactics". Not to say "How the heck can we do that", but just say "wouldn't it be lovely but first we need to wait until.." Another case for kind lies I'm afraid, but it's heart wrenching to know you'll never do it again.
Sorry, this isn't really helping in the slightest, but I'm sat here watching a recording of a Place in the Sun in Feurteventura and really feeling it as Feurte was a place my husband and I planned a holiday to, researched where we wanted to stay etc etc and really got into it - we'd been to Lanzarote a couple of times, and now wanted to move on to Feurte......then he got diagnosed with terminal cancer, so it never happened.

It never will now.

Never is such a dreadful word. (Oh lord, now an add for Macmillan has just come on!)

As I say, this isn't really a helpful thing to say, just to express 'solidarity' perhaps for all of us whose life, for one reason or another, has been changed for ever without our 'permission'.....