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Carers UK Forum • Hearing voices and music
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Hearing voices and music

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:02 pm
by thel31
Please has anyone else had experience of this? My husband has not been offically diagnosed yet but he is often confused and his behaviour can be strange and inappropriate. Each time we go to see the GP my husband seems to be able to cope with conversation and I can see the doctor thinks I may be magnifying his symptoms. We are waiting for a hospital appointment for assessment, but this last week he keeps telling me he can hear voices (the way he describes it he cannot hear what they are saying but it is a continuous grumbling and loud noise of several people) and also what he describes as the type of music you would hear in a haunted house. He just came to call me to his bedroom to listen but I can hear absolutely nothing - as he does not have his hearing aids in and can hear hardly anything without them I am positive there is nothing to be heard. He says sometimes he can hear the voices and music when he is out in the garden as well. Should I be telling him I can hear them too as he seems quite anxious that I agree there is something there?

hi no i would not

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:22 pm
by pauljstephens51@hotmail.com
hi no i would not tell him you can hear them too as it could upset him if he finds out you cannot. it sounds like some type of mental illness. what is the assessment for??

Hi Thel31 my Mum's the same,

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:49 pm
by susieq
Hi Thel31

my Mum's the same, not so much the voices but definitely the music ! She'll often tell me she can hear them singing at the church, but the nearest church is at least half a mile away - and if it's not the choir then it's a man with a lovely tenor voice (apparantly !). She also hears the music when we are out in the car or even when we are shopping in our local High Street. When she asks if I can hear it, I usually say something like 'not right now' and change the subject, which normally works to get her mind off it.

Interestingly Mum is also very deaf (she won't use her hearing aid at all) which makes me wonder if it's something to do with the deafness ? I did ask her GP what he thought and he agreed it was possibly a form of tinnitus associated with her deafness - and her confused brain can only make sense of the noises by assuming they are music.

Mum can also hold a quite coherent conversation with the Doctor or with anyone who doesn't know her too well, so like you I often get the feeling that 'outsiders' think I'm exaggerating her condition !


Thanks very much Paul and

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:39 am
by thel31
Thanks very much Paul and Susieq
Paul, the assessment is to see whether he has any form of dementia, but it worries me that if he gets a morning appointment he may be fine and very coherent, whereas if it was late afternoon the result might be entirely different. To me it is clear that something is amiss as he has changed so much during the past couple of years and in fact is not the same person at all, not just memory loss and confusion but a complete inability to use any bit of technology - for instance he cannot change the channel on the TV, cannot use a simple calculator or remember how to use his mobile (which is a special one with only a few buttons - press A to get my cell phone, B my daughter's and C his daughter - unfortunately it has a button for SOS straight through to the emergency services which we keep disabling as he rings them instead which wastes their time.
Interesting what the GP says about the voices/music, Susie, because my husband is so definite about which he is hearing, and the volume of noise - also, although he says it has only been happening for a week or so, it seems to be at certain times of the day, mostly late morning and late evening.
I am sure you are both correct that I should not say I can hear things too - that is why as a newcomer to the forum I find it so comforting and useful because somebody always comes up with an answer or some helpful advice. Thanks again