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Advice needed sundowning - Carers UK Forum

Advice needed sundowning

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
my father inlaw has dementia same times every eve gets very confused starts off about does he live in the house where is his son my hubby and many other things about his mum and dad brothers and sisters he forgets I married his son and his son is disabled anyway last two nights he has been angry so me and hubby had to go round managed to calm him and then had to do same again last night mother in law was scared to give him some meds but she did and he calm down now today his brother been round and he did not know him it broke all our hearts we tried to distract him look at pics any advice would be great as mother inlaw has no support part from us but we are both unwell
Tracie, so sorry to hear of your situation. Perhaps it is time for another needs assessment and a carers assessment for mum, and you, and hubby? Is the GP aware of this latest problem? It's not clear why mum in law was scared to give him his meds - would it not be better for him to have them regularly to avoid situations like this happening?
I had my carers assessment mother inlaw is due hers think it is not all time he gets angry she deals with the questions but is getting to much she is going to speak to father In laws gp
Hi Tracie,
My mum who has vascular dementia used to experience this each afternoon from around 4pm onwards. I was told about some research that had been done about elderly people not getting enough light and the difference it makes when they do. I tried to sit mum where she got more light but can't say it made much difference but in recent months in order to regulate her sleeping habits I purchased some daylight bulbs and bought a much brighter one than I had intended.
Mum no longer seems to experience these sundowning phases.
http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002 ... UTF8&psc=1
Scruffy x
He starts around 4pm too
Hi Tracie,
Mum's GP has prescribed sedatives for when she was really bad. I never liked to use them and hardly ever did unless she was trying to batter her way out of the back door and it was obvious she needed help of some sort. I was cutting the things in half only to find they were the lowest dose anyway.
The only problem with these I was told, was that you have to watch the patient in the morning as they may be a bit wobbly due to the after effects or maybe because they could still be affected.

Other people I've heard of with their parent who had dementia, were giving in to whatever the person wanted to do. One man thought he had to get home after finishing work so his wife would take him out to the car, drive round the block and return home to where they had set off from and he was more settled.

Scruffy x
mother In law has meds but does not like to use them but does when he really bad he only was prescribed 16 a while ago and still has some left
Hi Tracie,
I recently added them to a prescription order at the chemist and they weren't included when we received everything else and it turned out that because we hadn't ordered them for a while we had to phone the surgery to have them re-added.
I ended up talking with mum's GP on the phone and it was all a bit silly really. It's not like she's going to get any better and I don't keep ordering for the sake of it so it should have been obvious that they were for a legitimate reason especially as we'd had them in the past.

I had the same issue over Cavilon cream but in reverse, apparently we'd ordered some very recently and I had to justify the reason for wanting some so soon.

I said that mum had been seen by the district nurses for a sore on her bottom and that extra cavillon had been used.
You'd think they'd know this and not hold onto medication and risk leaving us without things we need.

They know me too. They have said I'm a great carer so you'd think they'd trust me with cream !

Scruffy x
Hi SussexRokx,
The lighting worked wonders for my mum. I can't put it down to anything else as she no longer had episodes of sundowning once the lighting was changed.

She didn't always have the same symptoms such as wanting to leave the house, many times she would talk about people coming, what she had to do such as seeing to the children and whether everyone was safe. She would frantically pick at her blanket or count stitches continuously.

I haven't used sedatives unless she's ever been in danger of hurting herself but the lighting really did work.

Scruffy x