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Getting bullied by Social worker/Doctor - Carers UK Forum

Getting bullied by Social worker/Doctor

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi, My mum was taken into a care home for assessment on the 22nd of February, they initially stated it would be for a six-week assessment, then we would have the best interest meeting on behalf of my wee mammy. This was done with the Social worker, care home & advocacy & myself & my uncle present. I & my uncle disagreed with the decision as both of us wanted her home. They disagreed, she is still in the care home at this present time (well she was taking into the hospital today) still waiting on word tae see what is going on. I want tae care for my mum at home but these people think they know best, they don't. I have experience of looking after care of the elderly people in my old job, also looking after my gran & now my mum up until recently. I don't have PoA or Guardianship. I am so angry, please could you advise me.

Thank you David
Ask Social Services to arrange an advocate for both you and mum, as laid down in the care act. Has she had a Mental Capacity Assessment? Why has she been taken to hospital today? Has anyone considered whether or not keeping her there amounts to a Deprivation of Liberty (sometimes called DOLS). If you are in Scotland, I'm afraid none of this may be relevant!
Yes, I am my friend. Am the only child trying tae fight for my mum tae come home & be looked after by me?

Thank you for you're reply.
Hi David
So sorry to hear you are having to deal with this. I wonder if it would make any difference if you were to get a female carer to come in just to take care of a personal wash daily. Are social services aware of your experience and what are they concerned about the most? is it risk of falls or does mum have daily nursing needs or incontinence needs?
Hi, Its social work & the doctor who doesn't want my mum tae come home. She fell on Weds but I never knew this until the doctor phoned on Friday morning that my had fallen & was getting transferred tae the hospital. The care home never let me no that my mum had fallen & also had a bruise on the side of her head. Am at my wit's end, because seemingly, not one person is interested in helping me & my mum.
Keep fighting,your mum has a right to remain home and have care at home,having power of attorney makes mo difference either as they can still decide we was told this by professional,sense tells you if u cant cope where to seek help dont need a document to say u can do this that and other and besides u are next of kin,drs worked with us and father inlaw so was not needed but heard true stories that makes no difference even professionals say so