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Discharge from hospital

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi - Need some help/advice for a friend. They have a relative who is awaiting discharge from hospital. The patient who is bed bound will need double up calls 4 times a day and a night check up call. The relatives simply can't find a local care company willing to take on this level of care 7 days a week. This is delaying discharge from the hospital. Is it down to Social Services to step in and help....?
They would be self funding. Any info would be a help as Social Service ( hospital based one) is useless. Just want to get the relative home asap
The hospital are required to do an "NHS Continuing Healthcare checklist assessment. Has this been done? CHC care is FREE no means test, can be provided either at home or in residential care.
Hi - I believe it was done yes but they failed (even though person is bed bound etc ) so passed to Social Services who seem to have palmed it off on to the family to find a care company.
Were the family involved in the assessment at all? Given a copy with an explanation? If not it should be redone!

http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/social-car ... -care.aspx

https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/e ... -home-care

There is no reason two agencies or more can not provide a care package. It would need to be managed very carefully.
This is the same care package my grandmother recieves 4 visits throughtout day double calls.shes bed bound.provided by one care company provider.this was organised by hospital based social services on her discharge from hosp.took 2 weeks to put in place before she was allowed home and that was delivery of bed ..aids and care workers visits set in stone that was all her personal care needs met
Mum has had similar package arranged by hospital discharge staff and local council. This whole "carer" thing is new to me but as I understand the hospital and council are obliged to sort this out.

Depending on the patient's needs and appropriate equipment, perhaps only one carer my suffice. I've spoken to my local social services who said that it would be possible for mum to have one agency worker for 30 minutes and another for 15 minutes each visit to handle transfers. That seems like a logistical nightmare to arrange but that would be for the council to set up.

From my experience, while it sounds good to get the patient home as fast as possible, it's extremely stressful to care for someone at home and I would insist that the patient has the care package all in place by the authorities first. Don't be persuaded to arrange this yourself. They need to do this.
Another thought, you say they will be self funding. My mum will have to pay for her own care but the care can still be arranged by the local council. The council will then bill mum and add an annual administration fee. I think going through the local social services will be less expensive due to their bargaining power versus seeking services ourselves through a private agency.
Thanks all for your help....I too had all the care arranged by S.Services and the hospital before mum discharged and then we where billed by S.Services as we where self funding. We are in a different area to my friend but I had a feeling she was being dumped on at a great height but the useless hospital social worker who wasn't bothered about helping. I advised she contact her local authority and requested a call back from one of there social workers and therefore bypass the hospital one. It's so stressful for her and I have begged her not to cave in and agree to doing it her herself with family members. It's shocking how much the systems differ from one county to another. I phoned Occupational therapy just to ask some advice on mums pressure cushion in her chair which had gone a bit flat over the years. I was only trying to find out which one would be best suited to my mum but it was all taken care of them by them and delivered by the end of the week. It's just so hard taping into the right help at times especially if it's new to you
Hi Linda,
I don't have any personal experience of this situation but there is info here https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... f-hospital