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finding a sitter/carer

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
i need to find a sitter/carer for my mum 2 mornings a week while im at work as she has started getting upset shouting for me,she ussually stays in bed quite happily until i get back at dinner time,have tried friends and crossroads have quoted but not to happy with them at the moment,so if anyone knows any other organisations i can try have left a message with age uk,we do not have a budget
Hi Webby,

First basic question - has mum been assessed by SS? If not, maybe you could at least get a visit from carers while you are at work. Or, have you tried your local branch of Age concern or Alzheimers Society? At the last Age Concern meeting I attended I met a lady who employs private sitters. Maybe they have some ideas but suspect it will cost unfortunately
Hope you contacted your local Carers organisation for information and support. They can help you to contact Social Services who should reassess your and your mother's needs.it is difficult looking after some one with dementia, as it does become a 2nd childhood and you should not feel guilty about seeking help.Suitable sitters have to be able to understand and cope with dementia and not every one can.I am sure you are doing a marvellous job, but you need some respite, too.
Lucia Dedear volunteer carer ambassador in Gloucester, might be able to point you in the right direction.
All Best Wishes,
Bridget Leech Carer ambassador E Midlands