Electoral registration in care home

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Does anyone know what the deal is with electoral registration for people in care homes?
Although Dad won't be voting any more, I guess he still needs to be on there.
Will the home do it, or do I need to add it to my list?
Hello Pope_,Pourri
Ive added it to my list. Although I've contacted the MPs PA, she told me she would make a note, but I still get correspondence sent,to my home, addressed to us both. Seems no one really takes note?!
Things still keep popping up to me, even after all these months, like the TV licence. I now have to send court of Protection certificate to them to get the name changed to mine. On and on it goes..........
I am afraid it is another thing for your list, Pope Pourri. A letter will normally be sent to dad's last home address asking for any updates.
Residents can be registered at the Home and then apply for either a postal or a proxy vote if they can't get to the polling station
https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-a ... rocedures/

You can have postal proxy vote .

We offered to do this for Mum but she said she couldn't be bothered any more... :roll:

My mother (in residential care) has a postal vote, but we have it set up so that the forms are sent to our own address - as things have a habit of going "astray"!
My mum also had a postal vote (sent to my home address). Even when she couldn't remember my name, she knew who to vote for :roll: