Dont know where to get help

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi - I'm going on holiday next month and worried sick about finding help for my mum who lives with me. She has mild dementia - where can I find help?
Social Services should be your first call, to do an assessment for mum and one for you. Make sure they understand the urgency of the call, as you will be "unable to care" for mum on the dates you give them. Also ask SSD if there are any carers groups in your area - you will learn lots of things which the professionals won't tell you. It's the easiest way of finding out the good, and bad, services around your area.
hi Sharon phone helpline 0808 808 7777 ( carer UK) they also can give you advice also sad to say it really depends where you live as some parts of the country offer more help than other parts which in my opinion really should offer the same help regardless where you live
Assessments can take sometime but you must stress it is needed to be done asap its emergency also there are some homes that do offer short stays also there are temporary live in carers coffee x
Gp and social services