For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
SS told me the other day on the phone that my mother does have a diagnosis of Alzheimers but psychologist and nurse are not concerned about her!
SW then launched into lesson on stages of AD, but I think wandering lost in the streets and not knowing who your close family members are tells us this is quite advanced, add to that they are happy to know that my brother has said he will take full responsibility and still allow her to go out to the local shops every morning!
There really doesn't seem to be anything more I can do, I have phoned SS in her neighbourhood, spoken to the police, my brothers have been withholding information and not telling me she had a diagnosis, actually said to me just last week that she had been through all the tests and G.P. says she does not have alzheimers!
I will be going up there in the Summer but I know if I raise the issue it will all end up in a family argument which will not help my mother at all.
Just offloading and updating.
Vicky, if your mum is wandering off when she goes out to the shops, she's got to be treated as a "vulnerable adult". I'd suggest contacting the SW and saying that you are giving her/him formal notice that your mum is a vulnerable adult and that they have a legal duty of care to safeguard her, given the fact that they know about her wandering. They may be a little more concerned about her, then. Image
Sensible advice.