Mum was first diagnosed with mixed/vascular dementia. She was put first on Reminyl then Aricept both of which did not agree with her with dramatic and sudden side effects, so these were stopped.

2 yrs down the line and a new consultant pops up with a new diagnosis as of above 'lewy bodies' and precribes said Exelon patch. This was first given for 3 months on half dose. It produced some skin reactions and she became rather quiet.

Now the consultant has said that it seems to be keeping her condition stable and asked if he could increase to the full dose. I agreed to give it a try. She was hallucinating a lot prior to this patch and could express this, but since being on this patch she is now very quiet and withdrawn and seems very tired. She just wants to sleep all the time (but she is 92!).

Does anyone have experience with this patch as I am not entirely sure it is doing her any good and would like to hear other's experiences....thanks in anticipation.